Monday, June 18, 2012

Miranda Has Video Ads

I will not be making a habit of a being a mouth piece for a candidate.  Yes, yes, yes I like Lebron and the ballz he brings to the game.  But you know the regressives and the Machine were not going to allow this brotha to even be known, you know, being a republican and all.  So I did my part in bringing some Chi balance into the game.  I was so good that I have idiots like the machine blogger AlbanyCitizenWah, and Scavo, and The Nurse, and others claiming I am Lebron.

But Miranda, in a weird way, has the same problem.  She is a democrat, very left and guess what?  The democratic machine in Schenectady and Ulster don't want her to succeed.  Notice how the hypocrite left is all quiet.  Can't hear a peep.

All I know about Monica Miranda is that she has busted her ass to get the left more voters, and more democrats.  She busted her ass to get Obama elected and to help out other candidates.  And in return for her loyalty, nothing. Nada, Zilch!

So, before CopyTkaczyk and the TU conspire once again to make Miranda look bad, I thought I post these vids she had on her website.  Nice and short 30 second spots.  The TU normally does a blog post or two when a candidate does video but they will wait for CopyTkaczyk to follow someone else.  Then it will look like she's a forward thinking genious.

Expect More

The Right Choice, Right Now

Experience Matters

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doing OK

Decided to publish my stats, something pro bloggers don't do.  I think the numbers are OK.  I can't for the life of me understand why people come to the blog when I have nothing to say?

Well, it's all good.

Thanks to the Times Union Local Politics blog.  That's the primary source of my hits.   Capitol Conf now blocks my URL.


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5. Alligator Man For County Coroner

But I still love:  99 Problems and A Chicken Ain't One

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Email Trail of Crumbs

How was Copy-Tkaczyk able to get an interview with the Times Union just after Miranda sent out a press release challenging her republican challenger Amedore, Governor Cuomo, and her own party?   You guessed it, establishment PedroCrats and the TU.

Her press release blast was passed on to the Copy-Tkaczyk camp and the TU did not post Miranda's press release to give the goat farmer the edge.  And I have the email trail to prove it.

And once again, this character makes me post twice in one freaking day.

Copy-Tkaczyk Strikes First with TU Help!!!

The latina chick running for assembly, Monica Arias Miranda, sent out a press release calling on Amedore's vote for Peter Rivera's nomination to a patronage post.  Here is the release that was forwarded to me yesterday:

Arias Miranda:  Ethics Not Needed in NYS
Questions GeorgeAmadore's Public Position on Senate Confirmation of Fellow Assemblymember tiedto Slush Funds Investigated by FBI and Prosecuted by Federal Justice Department

Monday, June 11, 2012, Today, Monica AriasMiranda, candidate for the 46 State Senate District, publicly called on SenateLeadership to question Governor Cuomo’s Labor Commission Nominee, Peter Rivera,given his involvement in misappropriating $2 million in tax-payers dollars that were channeled to a ghost non-profit organization managed byhis former law partner and campaign treasurer, David Griffiths. 

Arias Miranda also called onAssemblyman George Amadore, Republican candidate for the 46th State SenateDistrict, to make his views public on the nomination. "George Amadoreneeds to let voters now how he would vote if he was a Senator on thisissue.  State Senators are Constitutionally entrusted with theconfirmation of top government posts.  This is not a minor responsibilityand Assemblyman Amadore needs to let voters know now what his vote would be onthis nomination."

According to Arias Miranda, "Only a few days ago a federal court foundDavid Griffiths guilty of lying to FBI agents investigating the misuse oftaxpayer dollars, obstruction of justice and mail fraud.  The $2 millionin question were funds allocated to Neighborhood Enhancement for TrainingServices (NETS) through a Legislative Capital Grants program, which is fundedthrough bonded money and administered by the NYS Dormitory Authority.  Griffith is facing 45 years in prison.  For years, New York City newspapers havedocumented, empty office space and missing staff from the non-profit which washeavily funded by tax-dollars to perform community development work.”

"New York is in the midst of amajor economic downturn. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are out of workand many more have had their wages and salaries reduced.  New Yorkers needto feel confident that their elected officials are competent, ethicalpolicymakers who are truly concerned with the problems taxpayers are facing andare willing to address them adequately." declared Arias Miranda.

"I am dedicated to talking about the issues that affect each of us as acommunity and individuals. As voters, we must realize that our state governmenthas been hijacked by corrupt, unethical politicians that care little for thestruggles of the average New Yorker.  Itis time to take back our government," declared Arias Miranda.


Now, why is this angering me?  Well, the Times Union decided to not only ignore the press release but to publish a copy cat attempt by another challenger, Tkaczyk.  Rumors has it that this character merely copies what other candidates do because she herself is substanceless. 

No one will ever confuse the TU with an objective paper.  But to go out of its way to ignore a hispanic candidate in favor of the white chick is pretty low.  Barring a reasonable explanation, I can only conclude that her ethnicity is the reason why she was passed over by the TU.

To be fair, compare the Miranda's press release to that of copy-cat Tkaczyk. TU Blog Post

Miranda has ballz and Copy-Tkaczyk, is a predictable lightweight.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pedro Staffer Running for Senate:Tkaczyck (Updated)

Thanks to John Paul I decided to make some corrections.  See not only am I not perfect, I admit it like a good boy!  BTW, I also misspelled Tkaczyk.  However, I don't usually cap parties when I am pissed at them.  Also, I got the idea of the chalk board from Glenn Beck.  See, I even give credit where credit is due.

This is too damn complicated to explain.  But apparently the democrats in the republican invented 46 senatorial district have been tripping themselves over Cecilia Tkaczyk.  Duke University proved you don't need to know how to pronounce someone's name in order to be a winner.  But a bit of integrity would help.

So instead of explaining why she is another democrat disaster, I thought I'll GlennBeck this thing for ya.  Now that she forced me to post twice in one day, I really dislike her:
GlenBecking Pedro Espada and Tkaczyck
UPDATED - GlennBecking Pedro Espada and Tkaczyk

109th Assembly Circus!!!!

On any given day the circus is in town, you can see the libs protesting animal abuses.  But they are pretty quiet when it is election time and the circus is back abusing the people.  Libs like animals more than people.

So in case you have missed the cast of characters running for the democratic nod for the 109th assembly district here is a tally so far:

Frank Commisso Jr
Pat Fahy
Chris Higgins
Margarita Perez
William McCarthy
Jim Coyne
I could vote for Frank and William.  Perez is another ghettocrat looking to help out NYC, Higgins is a county legislator, Pat, well, just look at our schools and taxes, and Jim Coyne, I wanna like the dude but he is an excon who went to jail for government contract kickbacks.

And that is your democratic party!!!!