Monday, February 21, 2011

Been A While and Van Riper

It is hard to keep a blog when you work full time. Only liberals on public dollarz have the time to keep a blog. Or conservatives who use work time to do the same. A progressive would get a job using public money and do it on work time.

Which brings me to this guy: Van Riper

He has a problem with people of color having their own opinions. He also has a HUGE problem with MLK being a republican. Makes sense, he was black and he should have known better than to step out of the plantation, in Van Riper's eyes.

Van Riper even went as far as admitting in one post that MLK was a republican AND that republicans are "white racist bigots". Why don't you come to the hood and talk that noise? Not your style, punk ass!

Van Riper is an amateur neo-racist. Today's racists are more passive. The days of burning crosses is out because, well, it not green to do so anymore. Wearing bed sheets is out because they are manufactured by big corporations using third world labor. And riding horses is no good, animal rights and all.

Today's racists come into our hoods and act like they care. Until the shit hits the fan, then they jump into an ignored bathouse to clean themselves up. Or leave the state, like those a-holes in Wisconsin. Stay and fight!

They never want us color folks leaving the hood or getting an education. In the 70's in Brooklyn we used to call them "teachers". Now they are community organizers (I'm excluding Obama), they believe in environmental justice, and write blogs about how blacks should know better than to think for themselves.

I am not going to make a habit out of dissin' blogs. God knows I like and read a lot of them. Nor am I going to make it a habit of posting in my own on a regular basis.

Van Riper, if we were ever to protest the way they did in Egypt, you would be who we are coming for, not any republicans in the city. Wait, the only republican we had left. I guess its all you.