Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AlbanyCitizenWah and the Worm Hole

A few days ago our village e-diot Theresa Grafflin posted on her blog a story about a rumor that Lebron was  going to run for mayor of Albany.  You know, she has a network of informants that feed her information no one else has access to.  Or maybe someone called a radio station AND SAID THAT LEBRON WAS CONSIDERING IT!  That's right, she heard something that was broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of people.  So much for her "network".

But that's not all for Nancy Drew, she then attempts to associate me with Lebron as she and many other buffoons have done, unsuccessfully.  What, my word is no good?

So, Nancy Drew posts in one of her comments how hard it was for Lebron to switch from Fios to sprint implying that I/Lebron were switching internet carriers to conceal our true identity.  So I went to my superman phone booth to think about this.  Guess what, Busted!!!!

Lebron was on a mini vacation in the Thousand Islands over the memorial day weekend.  I was not.  If you are a friend of his on facebook you would have seen the check-ins in Alexandria Bay, The Thousands Islands, and Canada, places that do not have Fios but do have sprint.  Or whatever they use in Ol' Canada.

So either she is the liar most of us really know she is OR I, oops, I mean Lebron has harnessed the cosmic powers of time and defied its linear nature by bending it thus creating a worm hole.  Yes, I, Lebron knows how to create a worm hole to travel through time!!!  Well, at least 200 miles or 320 Kilometers.

Here is her post : GOP Mayoral Candidate

I have no idea if Lebron can run for mayor, he now lives in Colonie.  But after what the entrenched RINOs did to him in 2011, they owe him.  I hope he does run so I can have a reason to vote in november.

So what is TGs problem?  Is it that another person of color is getting some love and her Texan ways are kicking in, or is it that Lebron's political facebook page has as many likes as her own blog facebook page.  Yes, a political page that has done shit in 4 years has as many likes as our supposedly well visited village e-diot's.

Something happens to people in this town who don't achieve to their potential.  They lose their minds, become cookoo, and simply become bitter.

Take away her college degree, command of the english language, and about 15 years, Theresa Grafflin is not that far from being Jose Lopez, a local puerto rican Nazi she has endorsed for office.