Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ballz, Pure Ballz!!!

Finally what we have waited for, an official bitch slap of the Grand Obfuscated Party:

I'll sign his petition, I'll write his name in, he is gettin' my vote.

How is the GOP going to recover from this? The nurse, Jellygan, Greasy-ano Jr, and Dunce Cleary. And the other town committees he outed like in the Hilltowns and the shitty of Albany.

Props to Bethlehem and New Scotland for supporting the brother.

McPloy is not qualified ha ha ha ha, he said it.

See people Lebron is great!

Get a Pair!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Endorsements: Busch, Nelligan, Graziano Jr. and Albany GOP Endorse McPloy

If you have been under a blog rock, Lebron missed getting the republican line after the county GOP and every town committee refused to carry petitions for him. Bethlehem and New Scotland were the only towns to carry for the brother.

The 2 biggest committees, Guilderland and Colonie dissed Lebron. But according to a FB post the nurse Debbie Busch also lied about carrying for him and submitted nothing. So much for the tea party. They have sold out.

Lebron was the only challenger to McPloy. And now the GOP and Machine Dems helped bounce out the only candidate with a college degree.

The nurse, tweety bird on sterroids, dexter from dexters lab and the Grand Obsfuscated Party have officially endorsed McPloy for County Executive.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Conversation with Lebron; The 2 Wing Conspiracy

OK, title too strong for the sham we call politics in this area.

Last Friday night I met up with Lebron at the usual spot, the Ultraviolet Café in Albany. He just met with some volunteers. Seems like Albany is still the central spot to meet with people.

I asked him about the race and he was upbeat and very positive. I tried to pry from him if any town committees were supporting him (and by that I meant getting signatures to get on the ballot), he refused to budge. Sorta like the Iran-Contra hearings, he wouldn’t confirm nor deny what I know to be true; Colonie and Guilderland are not helping him.

He began to explain about the importance of ballot name placement for other candidates and how the GOP “chairman” was making a mistake by leaving the top of the ticket empty. See, apparently in Electioneering 101 you are taught that some people tend to vote straight down or across party lines. That means GOP candidates in other offices like county legislator, town board and supervisors, highway supers (why this is elected is weird), puppy catcher (his way of saying dog catcher) will miss out on votes. WOW!

Now it begs the question why the town committees who are not supporting him. To intentionally throw the election? Nah, no way. Never happens in Albany. Why they are sacrificing their own local peeps to do it is beyond logic.

I also told him the “soft election” comment on the TU blog was genius and he agreed.

Stay tuned to July 14th. We may have a challenger or a winner 4 months ahead of schedule.