Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Al Sharpton: A Rat And A Snitch

It was recently reported that Al Sharpton was an informant for the FBI against organized crime.  Here it is, thanks NY Post!:  Sharpton Is A Rat And A Snitch

At first you want to think (and by you I mean NYC public school educated half wits who need someone to think for them) he did this to protect his neighborhood from drugs, specifically drugs being sold by  Italian organized crime.  Now, if go to to Sheepshead Bay Crooklyn talking that noise that Italians specially Cossa Nostra make money by selling drugs, you would get shot.  Guess what my NYC Public School and Catholic School educated Strombolis, ITALIAN MOB MAKE THEIR MONEY BY SELLING DRUGS TOO!

Language Lesson

Queen's English:  betrayer, canary [slang], deep throat, fink, informant, nark [British], rat, rat fink, informer, snitcher, squealer, stoolie, stool pigeon, talebearer, tattler, tattletale, telltale, whistle-blower

Little Italy English:  A Rat

Ghetto English:  A Snitch

So, how does someone become an informant for the FBI?

Well, in order to be a really good source of information, you have to have unique access to the criminal target.  Hmmm, how would Sharpton have special access to the criminal target?  Maybe the informant has been dealing with the criminal target, got caught, and offered to get a pass if he/she was willing to be a rat/snitch?  Yeap, that's how it happens and how it happened with Al.

Apparently, Al was trafficking drugs into Crooklyn.  He was a distributor for the Genovese crime family.  Fuck.
A Real Mobster
Al Sharpton imitating a  mobster
Sharptounge became famous when Tawana Brawley from Wappinger Falls, NY lied about being raped by white men.  Sharpton became the familys civil rights representative and spokesperson.  Eventually it came out she lied about the whole thing.  Sharpton of course made himself famous and the rest is on MSNBC where he started wearing $3,000 suits.  Here is the background if you care:  Tawana Brawley

Tawana And Medallion Boy
These scumbags are all over the hoods of our cities.  If you see someone with no apparent source of income wearing fly shit, you would think people would wonder.  Nah, people just think he found an angle and he is just being a ghettopreneur.

Oh, and this fat motherfucker not only sold drugs to his people, he ran for fucking president.

BTW, those of us from the BK knew this brotha was into some dirt, before the world heard of him.  But that was just some of us who were not lit up on the drugs he sold.  Brooklyn, WAKE UP!

"The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win,
you're still a rat"
Lily Tomlin

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


You thought I was gone.  You thought the last election put me in my place.  You thought I would cower and hide.  You thought wrong!

Well I am back.  Took a good break from current events in my little city to chill, work, spend time with the girlie .....do me.  But, unfortunately I gotta comeback and catch up.

So what's been going on?


Kathy Sheehan won.  And so far it has been OK.

The snow removal has been acceptable.  My hood on Maple, Woodlawn just got rid of its snow and ice, thanks to Mama nature, but I was able to get to work.  Hondas, by the way, SUCK in snow.

Remember that brilliant piece I wrote about the financial sausage and how it was going to be made?  (Sausage Piece) Well she decided to let the state make it so she doesn't get blamed for the anti progressive decisions that will be coming down.  Like I said, she ain't no dummy.

Lebron!!!!  He's back!!!! 
Looks like he is running for governor of NY as a Libertarian (yes, I had to look up the spelling cause I spell it Liberterian).  Why Libertarian?  Weird.  Oh I know, THE GOP IS A PIECE OF GARBAGE.

After tanking his race for county executive in 2011, Chris Collins race in 2011 (Erie County Executive), not backing another latino running for office in Buffalo, hiring former Cuomo campaign staffers to run the state party,  campaigning against Paladino and Lazio, selling their NYC spot to a democrat for a couple of 100Ks, conspiring with democrats in Rockland county to kill GOP candidates, organizing to kill Tea Partiers, and allowing people who campaigned for Obama to run local committees, I can't imagine why he hasn't stuck around.

You all know I love this cat.  If you meet him, you will like him.  But I don't see a winning formula here.  Unless, he is there to just get the 50,000 votes necessary for the Libers to become a real party.  in that case, it sounds good to me and yes, he has a friend on this blog.

Here is the TU piece on his announcement:  Lebron Wants the Guvs Job
Here is the closest I have found on Nate for a campaign site:  Lebron For Governor

The press release pretty says what we all know the two parties are about.  Strong.

2nd Ammendment Rally:  Today there will be a second amendment rally at the Empire State Plaza.  Here is some info:  UNSAFE ACT Rally

Now we know the SAFE Act was just that, act by Cuomo to look good.  And I am down with anything that makes this priveledged creep look bad, as long as it is true.

I don't have a gun, but leave me alone if I want to get one.

One controversy with this event has been some candidates are planning to show up and hand out campaign flyers.  OK, free speech and all that.  Some of the oraganizers have been bitching that it is not a political event.  OK, SO WHY THE FUCK ARE ASTORINO AND PALADINO SPEAKING AT THE EVENT?  They are both running for governor, Astorino is the Vichy GOP candidate and Paladino the Conservative Party candidate.  (I know "Vichy GOP" is good brilliant shit but I stole it).

Other than that, I hope it goes well.

 “When you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack.”
Winston Churchill

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mandela's Legacy: A Peace Ambassador and a Terrorist

This morning I woke up to catch some live coverage of Nelson Mandela memorial services in Soweto, South Africa.  I have admired this man ever since I learned and became aware of him and now that he is gone, I wanted to see how the new South Africa was going to send him off.

Every news story has praised him as a saint and heaven sent.  He was a re-conciliator and a man of peace and forgiveness.  Yeap, and I agree with all of that (well, except for the sainthood-heaven-sent thing).  But then here comes the internet to the rescue!

On the more conservative sites, Mandela is a terrorist and a communist-marxist.  ooooookay.  Lets address the first nonsense, terrorist.

The apartheid government of South Africa classified him as a terrorist.  true.  But let me say this again THE RACIST POLICE STATE OF APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA CALLED AN ENEMY TO ITS POLICIES A TERRORIST.  Not to sound like the the devil in the Devil's Advocate but "consider the source son!"

Guess what, MSNBC thinks members of the tea party are racist too.  But I guess a "credible" source like MSNBC qualifies as the sole determinant of who is racist and who isn't, right?

However, his organization, the African National Congress, did commit acts of terror.  No secret, all you had to do is pick a Times Magazine or a US News and World Report in the 80s to see pictures of necklacing, the practice of tying people, surrounding them with tires and setting them on fire.

Apparently according to some of these buffoons, Mandela, while cracking rock (Sam Coleman will be covered in another post) in one of the world's most notorious island prisons was running this organization.

Prisoners of Robben Island
So Mandela Soprano ran a violent anti government enterprise from within a hard labor prison.  Now, the truth is that his wife Winnie was running the organization and ordered the attacks.  In fact, it was one of the reasons they separated after he was released.

Now on the communist charge, .... did I miss the creation of the South African Sovietski?  He became president, implemented NOT ONE COMMUNIST POLICY and is somehow a communist?   Oh not to mention HE RAN AGAINST THE COMMUNIST PARTY FOR THE PRESIDENCY!  I know I know facts always get in the way of a good bs story.

Mandela's legacy does not go unblemished as with any leader.  I'm sure Gandhi wasn't proud of his inability to keep post colonial India from fracturing into Pakistan and Bangladesh and the violence that drove those movements.  Or that under Thatcher thousands of innocent Irish men and women were imprisoned without due process of law merely for suspicion of having ties with the IRA.

One thing that no one will be able to argue is that he could at the snap of a finger thrown the nation into a civil war and killed the whites.  Mandela Mugabe could have gone after his oppressors and we would be talking about the South African Civil War of 1994 not the election of a president who forgave and inspired a nation to do the same.

"Communist" city of Johannesburg, South Africa

World's First "Communist" Stock Exchange

"Communist" Skyline of Capetown, South Africa

Low Information Idiots With A Web Browser And Photoshop Skills Are Very Dangerous, But Entertaining

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Endorsement Time: Theresa Portelli

If you follow most the local media, Kathy Sheehan won.  Well, why would they do their job and cover the other candidates running for office?  Because it takes work and it is so much easier to cover the recent show on the Palace or if the local music scene is still hot.

But that's not how I roll.  I make it a point to follow all candidates and make an educated decision.

Theresa Portelli came unto the scene after the Board of Elections and the Libertarian party operatives tanked the candidacy of her son Alex Portelli.  He was seeking the libertarian line.

Theresa is a member of the Green party.  OK, so she is a big progressive.  But didn't you hear, Albany is all progressive now!  I don't know about all that, maybe Green!

Theresa's campaign has been running on a shoe string budget with lots of shoe leather.  She has not received $350,000 from special interests and contributions from supporters.  She has not been anointed by media as the Mother of Dragons.  She has not been charged with bringing magic back to Storybrook to defeat the Evil Queen.

She's a regular gal who really believes in progressive ideals.  Here is the Theresa Portelli For Mayor YouTube channel so you know EXACTLY what she stands for.

What a refreshing fucking idea, a mayoral candidate who is honest and open.

She ran once before for Albany City School Board.  In 1996 she received over 9,000 votes!  More than Kathy received in the primary.  Ms. Portelli claims she got over 11,000 votes.  Still more than Kathy.  So, I am going to average the numbers and say she got 10,000, which is still more than Kathy.

When asked why she ran, she said that she did so because her own children could not attend their community neighborhood schools, it was all lottery.  So she got involved, gave the city community neighborhood schools thus granting educational access for all!  Let me put it another way, she saw a problem, she had a solution, she ran for office, won, and implemented the solution.  THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.  But don't take it from me, hear it in her own words:

Ms. Portelli offers the new progressive Albany a record, a real record of accomplishments.  In an era where politicians offer sex scandals and self enrichment, she can point to a school building and say "your kid can go there because I made it possible".

Ms. Portelli also offers a modesty and sincerity that is lacking in most public servants.  After completing her term on the school board she left office and we the people never heard of her again.  You know how politicians like to stay in the spotlight?  She couldn't care less about it and went on to raise children, work, and pay taxes.

Ms. Portelli brings a degree of legitimacy to her progressive ideals that quite frankly I don't think Ms. Sheehan has.  Not that Ms. Sheehan is not a progressive but if one were to do a side by side comparison of the Ms. Portelli and Ms. Sheehan, Portelli's progressive resume and profile is more believable and sincere.

Ms. Portelli brings experience.  She worked as an educator and for the State Of New York.  She has managed multi-million dollar budgets and knows the value of public accountability.

Ms. Portelli also brings a level of honesty that quite frankly the other candidates do not have.  Not that they are liars but they have refused, either by choice or ignorance, to address what they will do about the fiscal mess in the city.  Hear it in her own words (at about 1:30 she mentions the "C" word):

YES!  She said cuts!

Kathy is counting that as long as she can evade the "C" word, she can waltz into office.  She of course will need to make tough decisions but she is not saying it.

Ms. Portelli, however, straight up said she will have to look at cuts.  Honest enough?

Ms. Portelli has the right balance of experience and vision to lead the city into this new progressive era.  I'm still against the wall when it comes to progressives but if I am going to vote for one, she better be real deal;  I'm voting Portelli.

The Other Candidates
Jesse Calhoun - Republican
If you listen to the debates, specifically the Hispanic Coalition of NY and WAMCs, it's hard to believe he is a republican.  Certainly a libertarian.

He is a preschool teacher and musician.  He was garnered a ton of support from the local artistic scene.  He clearly loves Albany and as he said at the HCNY debate, thinks Albany is afraid of being a city.  Right on!

He has also undertaken the issue of the APD using public housing as a training facility.  Libertarians would hate this but none has made it a key issue of their race.

Problem?  No idea what other experience leads him to think he can run a city of $170M.

Joe Sullivan -  Conservative
He has said that if he gets elected, we will get Gerry Jennings.  Ummmmmmm, I don't think so.

Too bad because aside from thinking that illegals are destroying Albany, he had some good responses on education for HS graduates.  He does remember a time where you didn't need a Phd to provide for a family and that's something this county is missing badly.  I will admit, he is right.

Marlon Anderson - Democrat Write-In
As with Calhoun, I have no idea what he has to offer professionally to run a city this size.  He also has a tendency to be inappropriate when speaking with people, specially of the opposite sex.

But when the brotha is right, damn it, the brotha is right!

At the debate when asked about political diversity, Anderson actually said that the Common Council is diverse, has plenty of people of color WHO DO NOT REPRESENT PEOPLE OF COLOR.  BOOYA!

That's some urban wisdom.  He should consider running for a smaller office and raise a bit of hell.  But his ego won't let him.

Valerie Faust - Democrat, Write-In
She ran 4 years ago as a write-in after she was screwed out of the democrat primary.  Think of a Corey Ellis, with brains, intelligence, maturity, and real relevant experience.  OK, for that matter don't think of Ellis.

Think of an urban progressive with a real pulse on the community and willing to engage ANYONE.  That's Ms. Faust.

However, she entered into this race a little too late to make a significant write-in push.  But she needs to stay in the picture because this city needs people like her.

"I think that everything I do tends to root for the underdog."
Judd Apatow

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Latinos Are Coming, The Latinos Are Coming!!!

Sorry for being late on this one but I have had pneumonia.  Sick like a dawg.  And I am one big ass baby when I get sick.  Good thing my girl likes big ass babies!

10 days ago the Hispanic Coalition of New York and a local chapter of LULAC sponsored a debate for mayor of Albany.  All the candidates were invited, and they actually advertised on TV!  Even Conservative Joe Sullivan who thinks Mexicans are destroying Albany was there!

TV Spot

Moderator and Panel

All Candidates

Word on the street is the event was a fucking hit!  It was professional, fair, non partisan.  Even the write in candidates Marlon Anderson and Valerie Faust were invited.  As you can see, the city now has new faces of community leadership, not the usual party hacks.

I got to hear the audio and I gotta tell you, i have never heard anything so well done.  Props to The People's Media.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Big Ass props to my latino brothers and sisters for showing that people of color can put something truly professional together.

Four years ago the League of Some Women Voters and CANA reneged on doing one for the general election because there was a hispanic republican running, Nathan Lebron.

This time around the same groups are refusing to do one because there is a republican running, Jesse Calhoun.

Last year these very imbeciles refused to have a forum for a state senate race where a Latina was running, Monica Miranda, a democrat.  (see a pattern)

So, Miranda is the president of the HCNY and Lebron is the Chairman.  And instead of being partisan, vengeful, and petty, they were open and fair.

If this is what the new latino increase in the area is going to bring, then please, SI MAS SI MAS!
If you remember the Roberto Duran fight from back in the day, you know that's some funny shit!

Props to the Latinos!!!!

"A couple of years after I arrived in Hollywood, everything that was Latino was fashionable, and years after, my thought is that we're not fashionable anymore. We're here to stay."
Antonio Banderas

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A House is Not A Home, If A Voter Is Not There

Out in the 5th Ward, Sam Coleman, The Redeemed, complained about an affidavit ballot filed by a woman who claimed to live in AN ABANDONED BUILDING.  Yo, I'm from Brooklyn, that's possible.

From the Times Union:  Watcha Talkin' About BOE?

Apparently, this "voter" was given an affidavit ballot because her name was not on the books as a registered voter.  It happens.

With such a ballot one has to swear they are qualified to vote and that they live where they say.  Hey, everyone is honest, right?

However, this ding dong used 10 Lexington Ave, an abandoned building OWNED BY THE BROTHER OF THE OTHER CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR OFFICE, MARK ROBINSON!

Yes, Mr. Weed Enterprise himself.

But that's not enough.  The "residence" is in front of the offices of Mr. Robinson.

So, someone is gonna get charged, indicted, and prosecuted, right Soares?

Robinson BTW was supported by our couch surfer Corey Ellis.

According to the BOE, Coleman is less than 20 votes away from taking the race away from criminal entrepreneur Mark Robinson.

Why would anyone think that president and CEO of Weed Enterprises was not going to employ his "corporate" skills to steal an election?  Because he said so?  Because he revitalizes properties in bad hoods?

Pay attention idiots, they are stealing your democracy.

Miss You Luther!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Progressive Tsunami!!!! NOT!!!

First I want to congratulate Kathy Sheehan for winning this primary.  Her election has brought hope to those of us who want mature, educated, and professional people in office.  I am tired of 40 year old virgins aiming for offices they think they are entitled to because they have the right skin color or sex or whatever.

Now the media wants to spin this primary into some sort of a progressive bum rush in the city.  HA HA HA HA!!!  SLOOOOWWWW Down!

Kathy got 7,000 votes!  Corey got 3100.  Out of 38,000. I am assuming after the absentees are counted, they will reach those numbers so as of right now, they got less.  In other words, garbage!  (Corey, that's refuse the noun, not the verb)

Let me break it down for ya.

  • In 2009, Corey running in the general just under the Working Families line received 4800 votes.  That's 55% more votes than he received on tuesday.
  • In the 2009 primaries, Corey got 6300 votes, 103% more votes.  And he lost.
  • In 2005, Alice Green running a nothing campaign as a Green Party candidate got 5200 votes.
  • In 2005, Archie Goodbie lost to Jennings in the primary and got 4500 votes.
  • In fact I had to dig in the TU archives to see what Theresa Portelli got (the Green Party candidate): yeap, she got over 9,000 votes back in the 90s.  FOR FUCKING SCHOOLBOARD!!!

The true progressive win in this city was David Soares back in 2004.  I remember those progressives screaming at the Big House (now some Brazilian meat spot):


9 years later its like:

In Soares' election the chant was about taking Jennings out.  Jennings takes himself out this year and now we get slightly better results than a school budget.

Kathy has a ton of work to do.  And she should jump on it ASAP.  But please, stop with all the revolution talk.  It is not.  It is apathy.

"I was faced more with apathy than opposition."
Adrian Cronauer