Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A House is Not A Home, If A Voter Is Not There

Out in the 5th Ward, Sam Coleman, The Redeemed, complained about an affidavit ballot filed by a woman who claimed to live in AN ABANDONED BUILDING.  Yo, I'm from Brooklyn, that's possible.

From the Times Union:  Watcha Talkin' About BOE?

Apparently, this "voter" was given an affidavit ballot because her name was not on the books as a registered voter.  It happens.

With such a ballot one has to swear they are qualified to vote and that they live where they say.  Hey, everyone is honest, right?

However, this ding dong used 10 Lexington Ave, an abandoned building OWNED BY THE BROTHER OF THE OTHER CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR OFFICE, MARK ROBINSON!

Yes, Mr. Weed Enterprise himself.

But that's not enough.  The "residence" is in front of the offices of Mr. Robinson.

So, someone is gonna get charged, indicted, and prosecuted, right Soares?

Robinson BTW was supported by our couch surfer Corey Ellis.

According to the BOE, Coleman is less than 20 votes away from taking the race away from criminal entrepreneur Mark Robinson.

Why would anyone think that president and CEO of Weed Enterprises was not going to employ his "corporate" skills to steal an election?  Because he said so?  Because he revitalizes properties in bad hoods?

Pay attention idiots, they are stealing your democracy.

Miss You Luther!

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