Friday, September 6, 2013

Zurlo vs Gildersleeve vs Talk1300 vs Calhoun

I try to stick to Albany topics because that's where I live and quite frankly, that's where all the action is in this part of the state.  But, just when I try to stay out, these a-holes pull me back in.

If you have been snoring under a rock, the Saratoga County race for sheriff, correction, the Republican race for sheriff, has been a hot one.  The two candidates, Zurlo and Gildersleeve, have been going at it pretty harsh.  As a resident of Albany I have no idea what is like to have a republican anybody do anything but tank races so it has grabbed my attention.

I then receive an email from a good friend about the race and whether I have been following it.  Not really but I see what's going on in cyberspace.  He tells me that my favorite canard Paul Vandenblurb had on his show two guys who were talking about the race, The Gun Guy and some Tom King guy.

First I checked to see if I lived in West Virginia because it sounds like something a radio station out there would have, "Welcome to the King and the Gun Guy Morning Zoo!"

The Gun Guy is a proprietor of B&J Shooting Supply in Colonie, a gun seller.  Tom King is the Mack Daddy of the NYS Rifle and Pistol Association.  OK, they are not characters and by the smell of things 2nd Amendment guys.  Also, they are HUGE supporters of Gildersleeve.

While on an appearance, (that Vandenblurb conveniently does not have on podcast) these two characters actually said that there were no republicans running for mayor in the city of Albany.  And Paul didn't know enough not to correct them.

I was flabbergasted!  Well not really, it is after all Albany and these are not Mensa members.

But I was shocked that the owner of a gun shop and the NYS leader of gun rights didn't know that the city of Albany had a republican candidate for mayor since HE HAS BEEN AT 2ND AMENDMENT RALLIES!  Tom, Gun Guy, and Paul, pay attention:

Yes, GOP candidate Jesse Calhoun has been a huge supporter of liberty and gun rights.  How do these imbeciles get away with not knowing who he is and on their side?

To my peeps in Saratoga, support anyone you like.  They both have crazy nice resumes and apparently only differ on their stance of the NY Safe Act, Zurlo wants to follow the law even though he does not like it and Gildersleeve does not want to enforce a law he deems unconstitutional.  But go to their sites and make your own decision and do not listen to disconnected and disengaged idiots who have no idea who is on their side.

Gildersleeve: Gildersleeve For Sheriff
Zurlo:  Zurlo For Sheriff

"An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark - that is critical genius."
Billy Wilder 

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  1. I got to say, you have scratched the ugly surface. Talk 1300 and the GUN guy and TOM KING are in the GUN business. When Guns are sold, they win. They are selfishly motivated. I am not a Stupid Cow. You would have to be to listen to these hucksters. The idea of a partisan sheriff is repugnant to any thinking person. Imagine a time when law is irrelevant. Anarchy reigns. Imagine a judge who runs on the I will let every one go free ticket. We have a candidate running on the I wont enforce the law plank. It is destructive to society and we have the GUN GUY, Tom KING and talk 1300 for making viable a man who continues to show he is Unworthy. I am supporting Michael Zurlo for Saratoga sheriff. Why? You can thank talk 1300 and The Times Union. I know who the players are, so do a HUGE majority in Saratoga.