Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Mullegan

Took a late lunch so I can have a short afternoon at work.  Then I made the mistake of going to the TU blogs and guess what?  See for yourself:

McCoy taps former GOP counsel as Albany County attorney

Then I had to reminisce of the good old days:




And then:
Deborah Busch's Campaign Finance

Too full right now to figure it out for you.  But it all makes sense.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On Balance, We Lost a Good Man

George Infante

One great thing about dying when you are very old is that you can be a complete ass and still be respected.  Sol Greenberg is one of those lucky ones, click here to see what I really think of this character:  Sol and Jermaine Henderson

So when I heard Infante passed away, I had to think carefully about this post.  I wouldn’t want to paint him with the same brush I painted Sol.

Being a minority makes you want to instantly hate chiefs of any police agency, and with good reason.  Cops who are corrupt are protected, other cops like to abuse the civil rights of citizens, and they will always have the backing of the DA.  If you are in jail, and I have never been to jail, the guards abuse the prisoners and help smuggle drugs.  Oh, you thought it was just visitors?  Don’t be so stupid, of course prison guards are part of smuggling market.

Infante was Sheriff for 10 years.  A lot happened under his watch:
  • Guards caught interfering with drug investigations
  • Prison protests
  • Prison expansion – He was a force behind solving a serious overcrowding problem
  • De Maria – she was protestor who used to complain about prison conditions and Iran-Contra.  I was a big lefty in the mid 80s and I loved this woman.

But perhaps the best thing I recall from those days was a program he put together to put veterans who were incarcerated in contact with veteran groups.  I believe in 2nd chances like a motha and this program helped many veterans get back on the right track.  Only he could come up with such a great program as he was a WWII vet.  Good stuff.

About the only negative thing I have to say about Mr. Infante is that he was ineffective as county ledge.  But can we blame him for it?  The body is bloated so that it can’t get anything done.  I’ll give him a pass.
We are losing people from a great generation of Americans.  A generation who, while not perfect, still believed in helping people.  Welcome to the human race.

On balance, Albany lost a good man.  Rest in Peace.