Friday, December 9, 2011

Sick and AlbanyCitizenWah

I've been sick.  A cold/flu/torment.  I hate getting sick.  I even had to take a day off from work.

So, sorry I didn't comment on the machine blogger's latest attempt at getting cash for another one of her public advocacy ventures.  Outing Soares' extra-occupational relationship.

What's more disgusting, the DA acting like Bill Clinton, or AlbanyCitizenWah getting paid for being Kindlon's junkyard dog?  The latter of course.

Plausible deniability:  Attack a sitting DA, claim you did it as a public service, and have no apparent connection to the only other person who can benefit from the attack, Lee Kindlon.  Nah, that couldn't be.


She did it with Judge Doyle when she ran against judge eye candy Helena Heath Roland.  Doyle has been censured and somehow it survived the ethical muster of the machine blogger.  Judge Eye Candy has never been censured but what does that matter.

So, to keep track of the AlbanyCitizenWah's closet:
1- Red Business Suit
1- Gray Business Suit
1- Brown Business Suit

I recommend she asks Kindlon (at the end of the election once he has won, which will be the first time he will realize she expected payment all along) for a blue business suit.  And he is an attorney, girl, don't settle for Marshall's this time, go to Circle's in Stuyvesant Plaza.

Splurge Girlfriend!, The Machine will provide!

Friday, December 2, 2011

We Can Live Forever, Get Rid Of The Coroner

Blonde Moment!

Debbie Busch decided to show up to a county hearing on the tax cap override.  Instead of being a good listener she decided to speak and guess what, she stuck her scrubs in her mouth.

She suggested getting rid of a 2 million dollar coroners office and replace it with a medical examiner office.  Problem:  the coroners office has a budget of less than 600,000 dollarz.  In fact, the coroners office has never received a budget of over $700,000.  Here is the Coroner Narrative. Ooops!

But I decided to look at it myself since Carol Demare, who did the story, wrote that the nurse was from Knox when in fact she is from Berne.  Carol, PAY ATTENTION!  After all, the county IS your freaking assignment.

So, here is the TU Blog Post:  Busch Blunder
Here is the budget:  Coroner Budget

We are truly blessed in this county.  We get rid of one useless legislator and replace him with the protege of Dunce Clarey and Richard Stack.  Where did she get 2 Million from?  Probably from her mentors, the county minority republicans.

Did the machine blogger point out this discrepancy?  Hell no.  She has someone else to hit up for cash.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Stultus Universitas

Got an email about an interview with McPloy.  The interview occured thanksgiving day on talk 1300 with Paul VanDenblurb.

In the interview he said he had a college degree.  WHAT!?  Did someone tell the singing shill this?  Tom Scarff has not only admitted McPloy has no college education but defended it.

Ah, gotta sing a new tune!!!


McPloy also claimed that it was on his bio.  Here is his bio: Bio

No mention of post high school education.

If the machine blogger would stop selling advertisiment to McPloy she could for once do something worthwhile.  Or, if the TU asked a serious question every once in a while.....

As a people, we suck!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The 99% vs the 1%

Are you confused about the Occupy Wall Street kids are bitchin' about?  Me too!

- I get that a bunch of country club assholes are stealing money at the expense of the working stiff.  YES!
BUT, the OWS only cares when republicans are doing it, not democrats.

- I get that politicians sell out their power to fill their coffers with campaign contributions. YES!
BUT, the OWS only cares when republicans do the selling out, not democrats.

If you drive by one of these protests, there isn't much to disagree with until you really think about what they want.  But what do they really want?

I think I got it!

Remember, the Jeffersons were ghetto poor and worked themselves into the east side.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Clown and A Jester

I hate the idea of posting twice in one day but this is too much.  Marlon Anderson aka Pimp Elmo, says Dunce Clarey has no clue.  Pimp Elmo on Dunce Clarey

If that isn't the clown calling the jester black!!!!

I LOVE this pic, courtesy of the Times Union and Michael Farrell:
A clown calling a jester black
And here is the video:

I can't say I disagree with much here but after the shit he pulled, I don't care.

GOP Ship Is Sinking and a Gus of Fresh Air

The Grand Old Punters are getting squashed by their own.  First it was "I Told You So" from Lebron.  Now it is Gus, from Guilderland dissing Dunce Clarey, Hack Nelligan and the GOP.  Here is his Letter to the Editor from Times Union dated November 15, 2011:

GOP not living up to responsibility

I am 62 and a lifelong Albany County resident. I was enrolled as a Republican for 41 years. I always voted for the best conservative person but when I wasn't familiar with the candidates, I voted Republican. I always figured a party with Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan must be a good place to be.

My anger at and shame for the Republican Party stems from the fact that I walked into the voting booth last Tuesday and noticed that the county executive, sheriff, comptroller and my Guilderland supervisor and town clerk all ran with no opposition from my party.

I walked out of the voting booth. I didn't want to be part of this very poor excuse for democracy.

While facing a 19 percent increase in property taxes in Albany County in 2012, it's hard for me to comprehend why the Republican Party couldn't at least force a debate on the issues, even if they didn't think they could win.

I don't have any idea where Dan McCoy or Craig Apple stand on the issues because the Republican Party didn't have the political savvy to get the issues out in the open. Instead, these candidates were shoved down our collective throats.

This is a dark day for democracy. I am ashamed to be a Republican. The lack of enthusiasm and/or the lack of know-how to be a political force in this county and this state is indefensible.

The young people in the parks around the country demonstrating are right -- too few people hold too much power.

So I am going to withdraw my enrollment in the Republican Party. They no longer can count on my vote or my money. Instead of GOP standing for Government of the People, it should stand for Government of the Pretenders.

Gus Di Novo


Where is Nelligan and Clarey?  Told you so is right, LOL!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sol, the DA of Police Brutality

Where do I start.

Sol Greenberg was DA for Albany County for 25 years.  He built a reputation of being a tough DA.  And like frequent poster to the TU blogs Jango Davis stated, has been a huge supporter of police brutality.  TU Post on Sol

I'm going to go down memory lane through what I think was one of the most fucked up memories for me since coming to Albany in the early 80's

Once upon a time there was a kid, Jermaine Henderson, who played basketball for the College of St Rose.  He was chilling at one of my favorite spots halloween night 1997.  A couple of off duty APD cops were also at the bar and for some reason a beef started between them and Henderson.

The rumors around the student ghetto was that Herderson was getting attention from some girls who the cops were kicking it to.  But somehow it manifested itself over a dart game.  I am sure the machine blogger can figure that one out.

Henderson was arrested, taken into an unmonitored area of the police garage and beaten by the off-duty cops.  What, not in Albany?  Yes stupid asses, in Albany.

Here is the story:

Cover Up:

And here is Sol Greenberg trying to bring charges back on Henderson:

Here is Dan Lynch dropping some common sense:

Sol is what we expect from a racist political democratic machine.  Let cops do whatever they want as long as the victim is black.  The black community was enraged so much that, they still voted for clowns into city government.  The regressives were as quiet as an organic prayer circle, that's right those same regressives who scream social justice.  And another stain on a city in decline.

You know if Sol was a republican he would have been killed and dragged to death along Washington Ave as regressives beat the carcass with their shoes.  But, since it was a fellow democrat, lets get together and have birthday party.  My stomach turns as I type.

I would love to see a list of attendees to this love fest to see who will be running for office.

What is great about time is that it forgives.  You can be an evil son of a bitch and still be respected when you end up frail in a nursing home.  But I am with the victim here and I know he will never forget.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day: Kicking Ass Since 1776

Happy Veteran's Day

I have the freedom to be a brilliant smartass because they killed a bunch of freedom hatin'g MFs.

Honor the brave.
Honor those who died defending our freedom
Honor the ones cheated by history (Henry Johnson)
Honor our freedoms!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Told You So"

The GOP got served again!  Lost every race except for the nurse and guilderland highway superintendent. 

I was following the tweets on the TU and JCE tweeted a statement made by Dunce Cleary where he considered winning Colonie a huge comeback for the GOP.  Dunce, you fucking lost!

Oh and Guilderland lost all the races except for highwayman.  Nelligan, where are you? 

The strategy was to have no one at the top of the ticket so the democrats stay home and they can win the supreme court races.  They lost those too. In fact they lost everything, except for the nurse.

Busch won in the Hilltowns.  So the GOP has 10 county seats, but remember that 5 of them ran unopposed.  I know no one is going to claim that shit as victory.

I emailed Lebron and he replied back at 3 am with "I told you so" along with a link to an interesting Buffalo News article. The "Strategy"

Out in Western NY, the county executive of Erie County, Chris Collins, LOST.  Why is this important?  Why do I care?  Am I becoming BuffaloCommonSense?  The Dunce strategy was also used out there.

" the GOP never sponsored candidates in Buffalo in what critics called an effort to suppress the city's Democratic vote" 

That's right, they tried it out there and it failed.  Cannot make this up!

Oh well, keep sleeping and letting the state go into a one party system.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day!! Write-In Nathan Lebron

It is finally here!

All the dissing and brilliant satire has led us to another day to elect officials for county races and local town races.

I will be writing in my boy Lebron for County executive and Noelle Kinsch for legislature.  This bullshit with the GOP laying down and Scavo still on the ballot is about all I can take.  So please, do not forget to go out and vote!!!!

Endorsements?  I know you want it!

County wide
County Executive - Write In Lebron.  This brotha had balls to fight his own party.
All others - Do not vote CONservative.  I want the chu-chu man out of the legislature.

1-39 - Do not vote for anyone who took the CONservative line.  We do not want Richard Stack running things in the legislature.

For the 24 unchallenged offices, use the power of the write-in vote.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Pedro
  • Turd Sandwich
  • Giant Douche
  • Ham Sandwich
  • Jimmy McMillan
It is your right so vote.  Not our fault THEY turned it into a joke of a ballot.

Monday, November 7, 2011

One More Day!!!! - Write In Vote When there Is No Choice

South Park Episode 8, Season 8: A giant douche or a turd sandwich
So I am a satirical genius who pokes fun at politicians and their bloggers. But I don't bullshit when it comes to voting.

I have been voting since I was old enough to vote. I make it my business to go to the polls and vote. And I vote in every election, president, school vote, mayor, dog catcher; you name it. Moreover, I vote any political party. It doesnt matter if a candidate is on a major party line or not, I make it my business to learn about him/her and vote. To me ballot placement means you are equal to all others.

Unfortunately, most of you are lazy asses who wouldn't bother to find out who is running, what they stand for or even vote outside of your party line. See, you put in shitty effort, you get shitty candidates. So yes, half of the problems we have is your fault.

But I always expect a contest. I expect a choice. Shit, South Park had a choice between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich, why can't we?

This year we have no countywide choices (all dem) thanks to the Grand Obfuscated Party wheeling and dealing. But to add insult to injury, we have 24 county legislature races uncontested. Out of 39 total legislators, we have 5 GOP and 19 Dems going back.

The last time I spoke with Lebron, we were talking about uncontested races. At the time he was still getting signatures to get on the ballot. But I asked him about the other uncotested races at the time like Conners. He said something interesting; when he has no choice he writes his own name down. He said, that as long as you have the ability to write-in someone, the people always have a choice. Wurd!!!!

I always skip the line. Even if I like the candidate on the ballot, I protest by not casting my vote for the office but he writes his own name down.

So, I am going to do the same, I am going to write his name down for County Executive. This brother deserves it. He fought against his own party to bring the people a choice and they screwed him. If he is willing to stand up to the caviar and scotch assholes of the Fort Orange Club, he will stand up to the assholes milking us dry.

How do you do a write-in?  Easy:
  1. Go to the bottom of the paper ballot
  2. Fill in the write-in bubble
  3. Write Nathan Lebron

Write-In Nathan Lebron
For County Executive
I am!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 Days Left

Too nice of a day to care.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Write-In Nathan Lebron
For County Executive
I am!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 More Days and the Leader of the SmartAss Movement Dies

I will need my own landfill to get rid of all the shit I've been getting.  Mostly for supreme court judge.

As you know, we are electing two people for supreme court judge and yes, the Gran Ole Punters fucked this one up too.

They had a candidate, Judge Nichols, who was already a supreme court judge announce he was running.  Then Dunce Cleary, yes the same fucking one, said nah, I want to make money off another guy so it is going to be Roemer.   Judge Nichols is from Columbia county and you know how that goes for city slickers, ain't no hillbillies stepping this way.  Mind you, Nichols raised a bunch of money but since none of Dunce's peeps were going to get any....

Long story short, they dissed A SITTING SUPREME COURT JUDGE for a guy with a super resume but no judging experience.  Ahhh the mountain top has been reached:The Mountain Top

I will be writing in Judge Nichols.

Rooney died this morning.  He was the king of smartass common sense.  Loved him and will miss him.  So in his honor, here is my impression of Andy Rooney:

"Isn't it like the GOP to screw up races?  They complain when they don't win and when they win they try to lose.  Kinda like getting fan mail, I get a lot of it, but don't always care much for it."

Write-In Nathan Lebron
For County Executive
I am!

Friday, November 4, 2011

4 More Days - CONservative - Sullivan

I love Richard Stack.  How can someone not love a party boss who gives the CONservative line to pro gay marriage candidates like McPloy.  This dirtbag, hypocritical liar who never made a "Dump Jennings" sign when he was expanding the landfill but does for Smurfette Mahan, is an institution in local corrupt politics.

Joe Sullivan is running against Domalewicz for county ledge.  Sullivan ran for mayor as a republican, congress as a republican and CONservative and was even the head of the city GOP.  But before that, this jokester was a democrat, a machine democrat.  An obvious plot by the machine to take over a line for political power since the progressives were growing in numbers.

So why doesn't he have the rep line this time?  Cause he is a CONservative machine loyalist.

Ah, memories, here is an article of Joey running as a democrat, (yes, democrat) back in 1993:  Whoa!

Sullivan is and has been part of the problem and will never be the solution.  He is a disaster by any measure.

But just like a good little "liberal", he used to ride his bicycle around the last he ran for mayor.  I know you thought Konev the Barbarian introduced the city to Shanghai commuting but Sullivan was there first.

Doma is no better.  But if I am going to have a do nothing legislator in a do nothing county body, I rather a do nothing incumbent than another machine cog.

Write-In Nathan Lebron
For County Executive
I am!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

5 Days - The Hilltowns

Has anyone heard anything from the Hilltowns?

Has anyone heard the rebel dinner horn from Berne, Knox, Westerlo, and Rensselaerville?

Has anyone heard of the nurse?

I am only talking about this race because I saw her lawnsigns in Albany, yes, Albany.  Why?  Maybe to see her own name on her way to work.

I hate seeing lawnsigns outside of candidate's districts.  Susan Savage had a sign by the state campus last year while she was selling her bullshit Schenectady miracle.  It had her face on it and that was more disturbing.

On the serious, Alex "Sandy" Gordon is running for his 5th (maybe 6th) term.  I can't tell you one thing he has done for anyone.  I can't tell you one thing he has done as legislator.  He is another useless legislator.

Debbie, who I supported in the past, quickly went from Tea Party Queen to party boss hack.  Another shinning example of Richard Stack (who endorsed a pro gay marriage candidate, McPloy) and Dunce Clearey.  Another get along party lackie who will inturn be another useless legislator.  Why?  Because she will be the minority in an already useless legislature?  Yes.  Why else?  Character, people, character!

We know she was one of the people who helped keep Lebron off the ballot this past summer.  So I ask, HOW IS SHE DIFFERENT?  HOW IS SHE BETTER?  HOW IS SHE CHANGE?  SHE IS NOT!

If you haven't figured it out, I like Lebron.  I wish there were more like him.  Smart brother who stood up to his own party to give us a choice.  And he was crushed by his own party.  It was a great summer indeed!  But for us looking for a real ballot it was not.

So, if you get your water from a well or beaver dam, think Warner Lake is Lake Tahoe, or simply enjoy some freaking peace and quiet, stay home.  Gordon will continue to be useless and Debbie will be no better.  And with Stack and Dunce pulling the strings even worse.  She lost that independent streak I love in candidates.  She is just another them!

Write-In Lebron for County Executive, I am!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Six More Days, to the end of the GOP

I saw a mailer for a candidate running for Albany legislature.  Typical stuff:

  • Dems suck because of tax hike (true)
  • Dems suck because they don't do shit (true for most)
  • Dems suck because they just do (true for most)
What was funny was the image of the voting ballot.  See, politicians have to do this because we are so stupid, we need a 1st grade coloring book to tell us how to vote.

It showed the GOP and an arrow going straight down to the candidates name, skipping over all countywide seats.   That's because they don't have any.  Sad.

The idiots who thought it was a good idea to give up those races may have killed our chances of ever getting a choice.  I know, Colonie has republicans, fucking please.  No one over there wants to bring back the Grand Ole Pavers; they used to pave people's driveways at town expense.  Yes Sheehan was in the last  GOP administration and Smurfette lied about the one time tax.  Yes, the only thing they have going are the two landfills.  But at least they have a choice.

The GOP is done.  They are the newest third party.

WRITE-IN LEBRON for County Executive   

Doesn't this elephant look like the Albany County GOP chair?  Dunce Cleary is at the 1:10 minute mark chilling with the nurse and some poor bastard that Gellybrains is going to massacre next year.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brendan Must Be Bored

I have to bitch about Lyons on this blog since my comments, while all brilliant and on point, have been deleted.
Brendan Lyons has been on this small time jihad of the Halfmoon race for supervisor.  He has exposed over spending (duh), over pay for benefits (duh), and pay to play (duh).  Please give this guy a big round of applause for doing his freaking job. 

I find this recent concern with government bullshit strange as he has been quiet about Colonie, Albany, Guilderland, and any of the counties of the capital region.  These governments would make Halfmoon look like a drop in the bucket.  So what his beef with Halfmoon?  Republicans running it?  


In 2009 I attended one of the police hearings involving the ghost tickets.  You remember, the bulls eye decals which were given in secrecy to certain individuals in city hall by the police union so they can avoid traffic tickets.  It was standing room only, and as I was fashionably late, like always.

During one of the hearing breaks, I saw Corey Ellis and yes, Brendan Lyons, whispering to each other.  Interesting since Brendan did not talk with anyone else.  I was late though.  I thought it was strange.   The hearings resumed after the chatter.

So, it was obvious this scandal was brought into light just to help Council clown Ellitist run for office.  And yes Brendan was all over it.  Remember, this was going on since 1992 and only when the “right” empty suit clown was going to run for office did this scandal come to light. 

We know what happened, the police chief, the Tuffoon was quietly let go, the machine blogger (who was campaigning hard on her blog for Ellitist) did her job of spying for the Mayor, and yes COREY ELLIS HIMSELF HAD 19 GHOST TICKETS!

What’s the lesson: Politicians are not the only ones who have to appear to be ethical.

All self-serving bullshit aside, Brendan does have a fucking good talent for sniffing this shit out.  I wish he would do more of it, with every form of government, and against both parties.  Not this under-developed country press crap of picking on the small time corruption and intentionally looking the other way on the big stuff.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Liberals Should Be Pro Life

I love talking with people.  And I can talk about anything.  Pick a topic and I'm on it.

I drove by the protesters in Albany Friday night and had my phone ready to record some police beatings.  There was an 11 pm curfew that the protesters violated and the mayor didn't enforce.  Not a big deal, just looking for some dramatic content for my blog.  Unfortunately, the protesters were not black, College of St Rose basketball players making a bunch of drunk off-duty cops jealous by getting all the white girls to sweat the brotha's swag.  Just sayin'!

I did get to see some signs.  "Fuck the Rich", "End Money", and something about Ending the Greed with Peace.  Since I was sitting in new looking Honda accord I was afraid they my beat my ass if I were to get out to talk with them.  So I had my conversation with their signs.

What do they do for money?   How are they getting clothes and supplies?  At least without some large corporation manufacturing it.

Likely, they are on some government handout; public assistance, unemployment, food stamps, grants.  Very expensive for those of us who work to pay for those taxes.  But with more and more people needing help, we need more tax payers and thus why liberals should be pro life.

Every year we are allowing 3,000,000 potential taxpayers die without paying their fair share of taxes.  That's $150 Billion in income disappearing (average income of $50K/person/year).  With a real tax rate of 15% (average actual rate everyone pays) that's $22.5 Billion is taxes for vegan bums who don't want to work but protest.

I know they won't be which is why being a liberal is so stupid.

Don't worry, conservatives are next.

For County Executive

Friday, October 7, 2011

Numerology, Smurfette, and правда

The number 19 has special meaning for us here in Albany. 
Remember the Ghost ticket scandal?  The scandal brought to the forefront by the people’s Warrior Corey Ellitist who was then a councilclown running for mayor.  Then the story broke that this black progressive hypocrite had received 19 no-pay ghost tickets?  I remember it like it was yesterday.

And now a 19% tax hike for the county by our County Executive.  WTF!  And did you see the republican response to this crap?  No.  THEY DON’T HAVE ANYONE RUNNING! 

In order for the tax to pass 24 (60%) of the legislature needs to vote to override the tax cap.  Well what do you know, THERE ARE EXACTLY 24 LEGISLATORS WHO ARE RUNNING UNOPPOSED.  19 Dems and 5 Reps.  And since the reps voted to make McPloy Chairman of the ledge, you know where their vote is going.

I am writing-in Lebron for County Executive.  This is bullshit already!

19 - Paul Hardcastle

The Soviet Union’s paper was правда (Pravda) which is Russian for Truth.

I wrote a brilliant piece of satire that referred to Paula Mahan as Smurfette.  Jordan Carleo-Evangelist then received a call from Paula’s peeps to suppress the will of the smartass.  But I was able to repost if I agreed to do so without Smurfette.

Now you decide, is Paula the Evil Smurfette or the Nice Smurfette?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Der Kommisso Is In Town

I used to be a democrat, registered and all.  Then realized dems are nothing more than a bunch of buffoons who depend on government money to give themselves jobs and inflated titles. 

Being from Brooklyn and black (I’m mixed but look as black as anyone chilling on Livingston Ave) I couldn’t be a republican.  Credit the union public school teachers in NYC for that, they told us that no person of color should be a republican.  Next time a public school teacher tells you how valuable they are, mention the last sentence.
So I am not affiliated with any party.  That makes primary time a lonely time for me.

This morning I was listening to The Wizard (VanDenblurb) on AM 1300 W.Gerald.D.Jennings where he was commending Commisso Jr. for wanting to wean the city from the landfill.  For those who do not know VanDenblurb, he has a caste system for credibility.  So far I think this is how it goes:
1.      White
2.      Male
3.      Irish/Italian
4.      Catholic
5.      Over 50
6.      Conservative
7.      Republican
8.      Female
9.      Dog
10.  Cat
11.  Mollusks with pseudo pods
12.  Minorities

I mention this because LEBRON first mentioned it back in 2009.  VanDenblurb did not mention anything then.

So for the record, Commisso is dead right on but Lebron said it first when it wasn’t popular;  When the Mayor was looking to scam his way into another 4 years by using a landfill deal to bury the problem.  Sort of like Paula Mahan in Colonie except she did it with a private firm and stole the palm greasing thunder from The Tanfather.

I've been told countless times that being a democrat today is a matter of doing nothing and coming up with no new ideas.  Wait until a republican comes up with new ideas first and steal it from them and sell them as your own.  Maybe too harsh to say that’s what Commisso Jr, after all, commonsense usually has no political affiliation.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The GOP Has Arrived At The Mountain Top: Judge Nichols

MLK was a Republican.

Gotta admit I've been pretty harsh on the Albany County GOP for the way they treated Lebron in his race for Albany County Executive.  Dunce Cleary, the GOP chairman, sabbotaged the efforts of a guy with a Master degree from Harvard and tons of private sector experience to challenge democrat Dan McPloy, a high school grad with no experience to run a county the size of Albany.

Barring logic and some fucking common sense I thought it was racism.  He is hispanic and we know how the GOP is always blamed for being racist assholes.  Being from Brooklyn I have seen more racism from democrats in da hood but lets not let truth and facts get in the way of a good BS story.

He is also disabled and getting the town GOP committees of Guilderland, Colonie, and Albany to do shit for him made it 1000 times harder for him to get on the ballot.  Remember when the GOP was all over the Americans with Disabilites Act?  Not no more!

Here comes Judge Jonathan Nichols. 

According to a TU story , Dunce Cleary has struck again.

Judge Nichols, a Columbia County Judge, was dissed by Dunce Cleary because he does not have money and he is not a girl.  That's right.  The two GOP candidates for supreme court were so picked because one could fund his own campaign (code for the county wanted to make money off another candidate) and the other is a chick.

Qualifications?  We don't need to freakin' qualifications!  (Ok, the two GOP candidates have good resumes and good experience.  But they are not as strong Nichols.)

Directly from the Albany County democrat book, they intentionally overlooked the only candidate who is A FUCKING SUPREME COURT JUDGE RIGHT NOW!  That's right, they gave the incumbent a pass because "If you want to put a winning group together, you don't go with the smaller counties".  That awesome quote was from Neil Kelleher, former Ren County GOP chair.

So I apologize for accusing the GOP for being racist.  They gave a well qualified supreme court candidate the same treatment they gave Lebron.  Equality at last!

At least corruption and palm greasing knows no color!!!

When you look at the content of the character of the ones pulling the strings, there is a huge fucking vacuum.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Colonie's Second Landfill

Being a resident of the city of Albany makes me an authority of goings on in this upstate metropolis.  But I am very worldly and often travel to other parts of our little planet like Schenectady, Troy, Toga, etc.  So don't be surprised if you see me posting as Schenectady Common Sense on the TU blogs, I care about my new hood.  So here is me caring about my hood again.

You may not be aware of the second landfill in Colonie.  I remember seeing it in the 90's taking the 55 bus up and down Central Ave.  Apparently, it is still there.  I asked for some pics of it and got some this morning from one of my boys in Colonie.

Yes, for the past 20 years those in the pristine community of Colonie have been dumping their fucking junk at the Salvation Army Thrift store at 2145 Central Ave.  If you look at the second pic, there is a cathode ray tube device once used to view images sent over the air.  This imbecile did not include the rabbit ears antenna.

I love the couch, placed ever so lovingly over the gate next to the "POLICE TAKE NOTICE" sign.

I am bringing this up because I know this has been going on for 20 years and apparently nothing has happened.  Brizzell and Mahan and everyone else has not placed any police to prevent strangers from LITTERING on private property.

Small issue but maybe Sheehan, former commissioner for the DEC, can make this an issue as she takes on Mahan, who reminds me of Smurfette before papa smurf turned her blonde.  

(You probably didn't know that story.  Yes, Gargamel made Smurfette to infiltrate the Smurf empire.  She was a brunette.   Then Papa Smurf turned her good and made her blonde)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Primary Day! And Other Ways To Waste Time

Today is primary day and if you didn't know, don't feel bad, it's a shitty election cycle.  The GOP has offered no county wide candidates and the Dems are poised for walking into office again. 
For me it's just another day.  I don't belong to any party so I can't vote.  I will go to work, browse the internet for jobs I rather be doing, and may be do some actual work.


In the 39 th legislative district there is a primary you should care about.  The nurse Deb Busch is being primaried on the Independence line by some person.  Since it is an opportunity to ballot, it is a write-in.  Deb, who I supported in 2009 for Coroner (because she was qualified) and in 2010 for assembly (because she was qualified to exume that cadaver McNada out), is now a qualified member of the crap we truly independent minded voters hate, party bosses.  She was a co-conspirator with the GOP chairman Cleary to keep Lebron out of the ballot for county executive.

She has the GOP line, the new pro gay rights CONservative line of Richard "Chu Chu Man" Stack and is trying for the indi line to unseat Alex Gordon.  Who is Alex Gordon?

A 5 term incumbent with no record of accomplishments.  A farmer with views as liberal as an organic produce commune in Vermont.  Another useless example of big government waste that the dems count on and the GOP now wants, and no one will fight against.  He is not a disaster as he has no power to do a damn thing.

BUT...... he did not conspire with party bosses.

So here are some of my endorsements:

39th Leg District, Alex Gordon - Write his name in and take that stupid indi line from someone who surrendered her values for party boss "support".  What a waste.

2nd Leg District, Merton Simposon - Welfaregham is the definition of a disaster and there is no FEMA funds to make us whole from her.

3rd Leg District, flip a damn coin - Useless Maffia versus an ex con in trouble again.  Coleman at least is, well, the same color as most of the people in his district and you know how dems like "looking like America". 

6th Leg District, Kinsch - Janis is still on the ballot and looks nice in a tight skirt.  But she left the district.  Noelle is our only hope against creepazoid Scavo.

City Court Judge - Helena - Why?  on looks alone.  She looks like Maya Rudolph.  To be honest, the job shouldn't even exist.  But Jennings created it so he appears to be racially "down" with the people.  Yes, Brooks will make a better judge but I rather her run for a real office instead of this bullshit post.

CON line 6th District, Jose Lopez - Yes, the Alligator man is primaring creepazoid Scavo on this line.  I want him to win.  He is a little off and totally unqualified, a perfect city democrat for the job.

Here are the other races.  If you have a few minutes to sit in an bathroom stall, check it out.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2001, Still Fucking Angry


A bunch of evil assholes without the intelligence and drive to build a country like ours, did this shit.


They won't step this way again, they will not do it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I Hate the Albany CONservative Party: RFK Is Coming

In 2009 I started my online activism when Lebron entered the scene. He decided to run for mayor of the city as a republican. Dems outnumber reps 10-1 in this city and if this brother can stand up and do the impossible, shit, I can bullshit on blogs on my spare time. He lost but left a powerful impression on me.

Then the Albany County GOP conspired with the Albany County CONservative Party to keep the brotha from running against McPloy, the CON endorsed candidate. They succeeded, MFs. Remember, this also meant The Guilderland GOP, Colonie GOP, Albany City GOP, and Hilltowns GOP were more than happy to join the conspiracy.

When I came to Albany in the early 80's the Stack name was very well known. Democrat machine hacks who did ANYTHING to get machine dems elected. And I mean anything. Even rigging voting machines to steal elections from other dems. That's fucking Wurd!

When Richard Stack became the head of the county CONservative party, I knew what was to come. Another party line for machine hacks; and they delivered every year, more endorsements to more machine wannabees.

Back to 2009, I posted the following endorsements on DIA's blog:

I should note that DIA was a huge supporter of Corey Ellitist, the second dumbest guy to run for office. Dan McPloy took that title.
Check it so that my consistency is never questioned.

The party is a corruption of conservative values. Now, I have conservative leanings on some issues, liberal on others but mostly middle of the ground. But I do not like CON jobs (and I don't mean being employed by the port of Albany as a chu-chu man).

Conservatives are fine with me. I don't have a problem with different ideas, but I have a huge fucking problem with CONservatives.

That's why I am so freaking happy to discover there is an effort to campaign against this bullshit patronage party. The RFK club to the rescue!

Check this shit out (Question #6): RFK BOYEEE!!!


I am going to keep track of the BS candidates who accept the CON endorsement too in Albany county.

“People say I am ruthless. I am not ruthless. And if I find the man who is calling me ruthless, I shall destroy him."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Civic Expression of Accountability"

So my boy Lebron will not be on the ballot. Couldn't get enough signatures to get his own line.

And Nelligan, Graziano Jr., Nurse Busch, and Cleary win again. Good job guys!!!

The quote above came from the TU article announcing his drop. It was about coming out and voting.

Smart brother undermined by corrupt idiots.

Next, time to go after those Colonie, Guilderland, and Hilltowns Hacks.

Saturday, August 20, 2011



   [brahyb] Show IPA noun, verb, bribed, brib·ing.
1. money or any other valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person, especially in that person's performance as an athlete, public official, etc.: The motorist offered the arresting officer a bribe to let him go.
2. anything given or serving to persuade or induce: The children were given candy as a bribe to be good.
verb (used with object)
3. to give or promise a bribe to: They bribed the reporter to forget about what he had seen.
4. to influence or corrupt by a bribe: The judge was too honest to be bribed.

Even Corey Ellis could understand the verb and noun forms of the word.

Cleary? Stay tuned................................

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Trojan Horse

I do have a more sentimental side. A side that dives into deep thought and resurfaces with brilliant ideas and observations. It’s not all smart ass wise cracks and brilliant satire, I am multi dimensional.

I was thinking about this county, Lebron, and McPloy. I was thinking more about McPloy and how a dim wit like this could become in charge of a $500,000,000 government body with no experience to speak of. Not just fiscally, but this guy has never managed people, or ran anything as an executive. He may be the least qualified candidate we have ever seen. In fact, there are people on McPloy’s own campaign who are more qualified than this guy. There are people fixing a roof on Woodlawn who are more qualified than this guy. How does this happen?

It happens because we are sleeping Trojans. You know the story, a bunch of Greeks try to penetrate the city of Troy (not NY) but were unsuccessful. The Greeks come up with the idea of building this cool horse (nothing to do with racing season) so big that it can fit all the soldiers they need to mount a successful attack once within the city walls. The Greeks give the horse to the city and while everyone is asleep, the soldiers inside the horse come out and attack the city.

In 2011 the horse is a democratic machine hack with no college education or experience, the event is not a battle just an election, and the soldiers inside are other hacks ready to milk another government for themselves. The only difference is this is being done while we are fully AWAKE!

It is almost a slap on the face that they can give us McPloy and they know YOU won’t do anything about it. YOU democrats won’t do anything, YOU republicans (except for Lebron) won’t do anything, YOU ALL won’t do anything. I know no one at the dems HQ on Colvin with Richard Stack and Don Cleary even anticipated how well the scam was going to work.

They are NOT this good, but we ARE this stupid.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Quiet, vewy, vewy Quiet

Can't sleep.

Since my last post about how happy Richard Stack was at how things turned out for Lebron, things have been quiet. My top three posts so far are:
  1. Richard Stack Is "Happy"
  2. Whalen 35 Hour Candidate
  3. The Alligator Man
I will admit that I probably did not receive as many pageviews as that other patronage blog, you know the one claiming to be a citizen. But when one works for a living, you know how it goes.

I have not heard much on the campaign trail. Lebron I last heard was trying to get on his own line. We need that shit bad bother!!!

I also have not heard a damn thing from those wonderful GOP candidates for legislature who couldn't stand up for Lebron. The Colonie Triad, the Guilderland Jokesters, and the Hilltown slackers. I know, they sound like the gangs from the best movie ever, Warriors. In the end, they all get beat by the Warriors.

And lets not forget Albany where I think there are NO candidates for ANY legislature office.

On a positive note, I have a crazy race in my own district, the 6th. I just want Legisloser Scavo to just go away. He changed his signs and they are appearing with McPloy's all over Delaware. Makes sense, the two conservative candidates are together!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Richard Stack is Gay!!!!!!

Richard Stack is the head of the Albany County CONservative Party. Please place emphasis on the letters CON.

We all know the CONservative mantra of no abortion, no spending, no taxes, and no homosexuals. That's right, CONservtive Party hates homosexuals.

My friend sent me this picture of Rocks, a homosexual club on Central Ave. in Albany. She was hanging out at Waterworks, the other homosexual club across the street from Rocks. She tells me that McPloy, the CONSERVATIVE candidate for County Executive had an event there a few weeks ago. Yes, Richard Stack (a democratic machine hack) endorsed McPloy, a warrior of the homosexual movement.

Richard Stack also was behind keeping Lebron off the ballot. He and the candidates he endorsed (like nurse Busch and Joe Sullivan) all worked together to block the only republican running for any countywide office. Lets not forget the county GOP who also helped Richard Stack and McPloy keep competition off the ballot.

So Richard Stack is gay for a number of reasons:

  • Gay that he managed to get McPloy endorsed by the homosexuals in Albany

  • Gay that he brought together all his endorsed candidates to help keep Lebron of the ballot

  • Gay that he succeeded in giving us no choice

  • Gay that his candidates are also champions of the homosexual movement

Richard Stack is very gay these days!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ballz, Pure Ballz!!!

Finally what we have waited for, an official bitch slap of the Grand Obfuscated Party:

I'll sign his petition, I'll write his name in, he is gettin' my vote.

How is the GOP going to recover from this? The nurse, Jellygan, Greasy-ano Jr, and Dunce Cleary. And the other town committees he outed like in the Hilltowns and the shitty of Albany.

Props to Bethlehem and New Scotland for supporting the brother.

McPloy is not qualified ha ha ha ha, he said it.

See people Lebron is great!

Get a Pair!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Endorsements: Busch, Nelligan, Graziano Jr. and Albany GOP Endorse McPloy

If you have been under a blog rock, Lebron missed getting the republican line after the county GOP and every town committee refused to carry petitions for him. Bethlehem and New Scotland were the only towns to carry for the brother.

The 2 biggest committees, Guilderland and Colonie dissed Lebron. But according to a FB post the nurse Debbie Busch also lied about carrying for him and submitted nothing. So much for the tea party. They have sold out.

Lebron was the only challenger to McPloy. And now the GOP and Machine Dems helped bounce out the only candidate with a college degree.

The nurse, tweety bird on sterroids, dexter from dexters lab and the Grand Obsfuscated Party have officially endorsed McPloy for County Executive.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Conversation with Lebron; The 2 Wing Conspiracy

OK, title too strong for the sham we call politics in this area.

Last Friday night I met up with Lebron at the usual spot, the Ultraviolet Café in Albany. He just met with some volunteers. Seems like Albany is still the central spot to meet with people.

I asked him about the race and he was upbeat and very positive. I tried to pry from him if any town committees were supporting him (and by that I meant getting signatures to get on the ballot), he refused to budge. Sorta like the Iran-Contra hearings, he wouldn’t confirm nor deny what I know to be true; Colonie and Guilderland are not helping him.

He began to explain about the importance of ballot name placement for other candidates and how the GOP “chairman” was making a mistake by leaving the top of the ticket empty. See, apparently in Electioneering 101 you are taught that some people tend to vote straight down or across party lines. That means GOP candidates in other offices like county legislator, town board and supervisors, highway supers (why this is elected is weird), puppy catcher (his way of saying dog catcher) will miss out on votes. WOW!

Now it begs the question why the town committees who are not supporting him. To intentionally throw the election? Nah, no way. Never happens in Albany. Why they are sacrificing their own local peeps to do it is beyond logic.

I also told him the “soft election” comment on the TU blog was genius and he agreed.

Stay tuned to July 14th. We may have a challenger or a winner 4 months ahead of schedule.