Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Trojan Horse

I do have a more sentimental side. A side that dives into deep thought and resurfaces with brilliant ideas and observations. It’s not all smart ass wise cracks and brilliant satire, I am multi dimensional.

I was thinking about this county, Lebron, and McPloy. I was thinking more about McPloy and how a dim wit like this could become in charge of a $500,000,000 government body with no experience to speak of. Not just fiscally, but this guy has never managed people, or ran anything as an executive. He may be the least qualified candidate we have ever seen. In fact, there are people on McPloy’s own campaign who are more qualified than this guy. There are people fixing a roof on Woodlawn who are more qualified than this guy. How does this happen?

It happens because we are sleeping Trojans. You know the story, a bunch of Greeks try to penetrate the city of Troy (not NY) but were unsuccessful. The Greeks come up with the idea of building this cool horse (nothing to do with racing season) so big that it can fit all the soldiers they need to mount a successful attack once within the city walls. The Greeks give the horse to the city and while everyone is asleep, the soldiers inside the horse come out and attack the city.

In 2011 the horse is a democratic machine hack with no college education or experience, the event is not a battle just an election, and the soldiers inside are other hacks ready to milk another government for themselves. The only difference is this is being done while we are fully AWAKE!

It is almost a slap on the face that they can give us McPloy and they know YOU won’t do anything about it. YOU democrats won’t do anything, YOU republicans (except for Lebron) won’t do anything, YOU ALL won’t do anything. I know no one at the dems HQ on Colvin with Richard Stack and Don Cleary even anticipated how well the scam was going to work.

They are NOT this good, but we ARE this stupid.

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