Friday, August 12, 2011

Quiet, vewy, vewy Quiet

Can't sleep.

Since my last post about how happy Richard Stack was at how things turned out for Lebron, things have been quiet. My top three posts so far are:
  1. Richard Stack Is "Happy"
  2. Whalen 35 Hour Candidate
  3. The Alligator Man
I will admit that I probably did not receive as many pageviews as that other patronage blog, you know the one claiming to be a citizen. But when one works for a living, you know how it goes.

I have not heard much on the campaign trail. Lebron I last heard was trying to get on his own line. We need that shit bad bother!!!

I also have not heard a damn thing from those wonderful GOP candidates for legislature who couldn't stand up for Lebron. The Colonie Triad, the Guilderland Jokesters, and the Hilltown slackers. I know, they sound like the gangs from the best movie ever, Warriors. In the end, they all get beat by the Warriors.

And lets not forget Albany where I think there are NO candidates for ANY legislature office.

On a positive note, I have a crazy race in my own district, the 6th. I just want Legisloser Scavo to just go away. He changed his signs and they are appearing with McPloy's all over Delaware. Makes sense, the two conservative candidates are together!!!!

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