Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whalen: The 35 Hour Candidate

On May 20th at 10:32 am the TU posts an article about Jennifer Whalen running.
Announcement May 20 @ 10:32am

On May 21th at 9:30 pm she says no after much BS reflection.
Unannouncement May 21 @ 9:30pm

Apparently, she could not handle the heat and she doesn't look like the type to hang in the kitchen. Loudonville is too high brow to deal with regular folk in da hood and the hill towns. And Guilderland & Bethlehem, please, beneath her.

The GOP county chair said this about the Little Mermaid:
"She obviously didn’t have the temperament to run a campaign of this magnitude"

Right!!! So why did you go after her?

So there are two historical quitters in our midst:
Shawn "Blossom" Morris
Jennifer "The Little Mermaid" Whalen

The Bad: Who is ever going to take her serious. Bob Reilly could parade in a Handyman superhero outfit (remember In Living Color?) and beat her.

The Worse: Who is going to take the eventual candidate serious. Second choice is not a good way to campaign.

The Worst: We get no competition and McCoy skates into office.

Good job Little Mermaid.


  1. The new GOP Chairman is a disaster! WE need Melody Burns!

  2. Hey Now Carl...Give the new GOP Chairman a chance. Have you met him? Do you know him personally or are you listening to the rumor mill? If people are talking about him, it's because he's building the county Republican party and that may not be what the Dem's and minor party lines are comfortable with. Get to know him and I promise you'll support his determined tenacity and spirit to recover our failing government. Keep an open meind. He's on our side. :}

  3. Anyone knows if Nathan Lebron is running? I know he is interested but I have not heard anything.

    Anonymous, I'm with you. The new chairman had shit to begin with. Give him a chance.

    So what if he broke ties with King Richard, he is a cronie of the mayor, how is anyone taking him serious?

    How were things between the GOP and Cons before the new chairman? Case closed.