Thursday, May 26, 2011

MY BOY!!!!! Lebron Gonna Take it Gangsta Style

My Boy announced today he is running for Albany County Executive. We all remember him from 2009 when he ran for Mayor of Albany.


So this is what's up:

  • The Little Mermaid drops out thus screwing anyone's chances of being a respected candidate.
  • Lebron announces before the GOP makes their decision. See, if its the other way around, Lebron looks like a second choice chump. Lebron chooses instead of being chosen. It is called INDEPENDENCE!!!
  • Don Cleary, the GOP chairman, says he is still looking for anyone but Lebron to interview. A complete DISS!!!! Check it out:
  • Whalen did not have to interview. Important to know that cause we minorities KNOW THAT WE HAVE TO INTERVIEW WHILE THE CONNECTED AND PRIVILEGED FEW ARE JUST GIVEN THOSE OPPORTUNITIES. There you have it, in plain sight. In the Dems the connected are blue collar (McCoy) and in the GOP they are white collar (Whalen). Results are still the freaking same, da brothas get no shot.
This proves that the GOP is just as screwed up as the Dems, except the Dems HAVE POWER and the GOP has shit. Again, the Dems have all the goodies and the GOP is hoping to win a town board seat in Colonie.

Nate, we got you. Hopefully the GOP will do the right thing and you can run the way hot blondes with money run.

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