Sunday, May 15, 2011

99 Problems and A Chicken Ain't One

I had a conversation with Nathan Lebron about a week ago in Ultra Violet Cafe. He was going to see a movie and I just wanted to chill with a left-wing skinny latte. Lebron was the genius who ran for mayor of Albany in 2009. He is also the first republican I ever voted for without a second thought.

We spoke about everything, including the county races where he told me he was interested. He was more interested in getting the best person for the race but thought he could offer something better than we have had. I love selfless people.

We got on the chicken issue and what he would have done as mayor. So, we disagreed. Under the right controls he would have passed the ordinance and mentioned some other cities with similar laws. I of course was against it. But then he said something in a way only a kid from Da Boogie Down Bronx could say; there are 99 other problems with the city and a chicken ain't one. MY BOY!!!!

That's from the famous Jay Z song "99 Problems". Here is the video:

This brotha gotta run for something. Republicans don't spit like that!!!!

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  1. ACS, nice post but you miss quoted me. I said "chick" not "chicken". I have respect for the syllabic meter of good urban prose.

    When I go to the Spectrum I hang out at Ultra's. Lets hookup again.

    When Da Bronx gets together with Brooklyn, good things happen.