Friday, May 27, 2011

AlbanyCitizenWants Is Up To Her Tricks

Ahh, the sign of a true challenger, ACWants is now against Lebron.
When he ran in 2009, she never mentioned his name, and ignored him. Why? cause he wasn't supposed to do anything.
Then the Corey campaign people told her to take a hike. Why not? She was running to the Tanfather and his peeps and letting them know what Corey was up to. Check it out, all true.
Then she starts being friendly to Lebron. To do the same thing, run to the Mayor and letting him know that he was up to.
She as creditable and Bernie Madolff. But she writes a lot and probably is still collecting unemployment for a job she was fired from for questionable finance practices. Oh, yes, check that out, all true.
So I posted this on her blog. She probably will post it cause at least she is that ballzy:
Don't know what your problem is with him but looks like he didn't raise enough money for you extort from another candidate.

Let's connect some dots,
-Extort money from Corey Ellis, didn't work
-Extort money from the Tanfather, please, there are younger and prettier in line for him.
-Extort money from Lebron but there wasn't any.

The GOP has nothing. Even if hey don't endorse him because of your strong opposition, whatever that's worth, what does it mean? Nothing.

Stick to exorting money from council members, county legislators, non profits, small startups, radio stations, tv outlets, assembly members, and state senators.

Also, telling democrats the mayors secrets and vice versa doesn't mean anything. You still have one red suit and a gray one. Even by crackhead standards you're a failure.

The yellow rose of Texas is wilting much like the coloring of your hair.
Theresa, you have long legs and under the right light and with Jim Miller's Alcohol level, you may be appealing to an old politician living a medieval crisis. Stick to writing about chickens and your days as a radio personality in the southwest, check it out, not completely true.

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