Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Take This Job and Shove It

Who knew the Albany County Executive job would be so unwanted by the GOP. Whalen drops out after not really announcing and now Mark Grimm is out. Who is he and why is he famous?

Town board member for Guilderland, radio talk show host (lets stop, it's on WVCR, a college station), author (wrote one book), business entrepreneur, and professor. In short, the most successful republican in Guilderland. Why doesn't he want the job? Who knows and who cares. Oh, wait Redlich is the most successful republican in Guilderland. Doesn't matter, the GOP chairman, Nelligan, doesn't care for either one. In short, Guilderland will go to the democrats. Runion may be the wisest man in that mall town.

Lebron has endured the 36 hour test and looks like he is still in it. And is the only one interested in a job that republicans don't want and democrats think have it in the bag.

With such great opposition from AlbanyCitizenWants, his viability is without question. With her great pageview rate, reputation as a campaign sucubus (now I am feeling bad for Corey Ellis), and career as a media mogul in the southwest, Lebron is opposed by the best.

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