Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lebron tells the GOP Chairman to Step Off

Here's whats up:

Lebron is the only one willing to run for a job the "others" don't want. Looks like the GOP executive committee has the brotha's back. The chairman apparently has a problem with him. What could it be?

Lebron is not a lawyer. That's it. Lebron is not a freaking attorney.

One of my republican buds in guilderland heard that the chairman even went as far as getting someone to primary Lebron and picked him the day before petition time.

Don Cleary, the GOP Chairman, sounds like an irish racist who downed a bottle of Jamison's before going to work. What the hell is his problem?

Here is the an article on the Metroland where The Don disses Lebron: Metroland

Here is the article where my Boy asks him to resign: Spotlight News

Don, I think you are in the wrong county. Wyoming is looking for some talent for their county.
Albany, Wyoming

In the end Lebron wins and The Don is a punkass and gets schooled!!!!

When was the last time a democrat was this bold?

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