Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brendan Must Be Bored

I have to bitch about Lyons on this blog since my comments, while all brilliant and on point, have been deleted.
Brendan Lyons has been on this small time jihad of the Halfmoon race for supervisor.  He has exposed over spending (duh), over pay for benefits (duh), and pay to play (duh).  Please give this guy a big round of applause for doing his freaking job. 

I find this recent concern with government bullshit strange as he has been quiet about Colonie, Albany, Guilderland, and any of the counties of the capital region.  These governments would make Halfmoon look like a drop in the bucket.  So what his beef with Halfmoon?  Republicans running it?  


In 2009 I attended one of the police hearings involving the ghost tickets.  You remember, the bulls eye decals which were given in secrecy to certain individuals in city hall by the police union so they can avoid traffic tickets.  It was standing room only, and as I was fashionably late, like always.

During one of the hearing breaks, I saw Corey Ellis and yes, Brendan Lyons, whispering to each other.  Interesting since Brendan did not talk with anyone else.  I was late though.  I thought it was strange.   The hearings resumed after the chatter.

So, it was obvious this scandal was brought into light just to help Council clown Ellitist run for office.  And yes Brendan was all over it.  Remember, this was going on since 1992 and only when the “right” empty suit clown was going to run for office did this scandal come to light. 

We know what happened, the police chief, the Tuffoon was quietly let go, the machine blogger (who was campaigning hard on her blog for Ellitist) did her job of spying for the Mayor, and yes COREY ELLIS HIMSELF HAD 19 GHOST TICKETS!

What’s the lesson: Politicians are not the only ones who have to appear to be ethical.

All self-serving bullshit aside, Brendan does have a fucking good talent for sniffing this shit out.  I wish he would do more of it, with every form of government, and against both parties.  Not this under-developed country press crap of picking on the small time corruption and intentionally looking the other way on the big stuff.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Liberals Should Be Pro Life

I love talking with people.  And I can talk about anything.  Pick a topic and I'm on it.

I drove by the protesters in Albany Friday night and had my phone ready to record some police beatings.  There was an 11 pm curfew that the protesters violated and the mayor didn't enforce.  Not a big deal, just looking for some dramatic content for my blog.  Unfortunately, the protesters were not black, College of St Rose basketball players making a bunch of drunk off-duty cops jealous by getting all the white girls to sweat the brotha's swag.  Just sayin'!

I did get to see some signs.  "Fuck the Rich", "End Money", and something about Ending the Greed with Peace.  Since I was sitting in new looking Honda accord I was afraid they my beat my ass if I were to get out to talk with them.  So I had my conversation with their signs.

What do they do for money?   How are they getting clothes and supplies?  At least without some large corporation manufacturing it.

Likely, they are on some government handout; public assistance, unemployment, food stamps, grants.  Very expensive for those of us who work to pay for those taxes.  But with more and more people needing help, we need more tax payers and thus why liberals should be pro life.

Every year we are allowing 3,000,000 potential taxpayers die without paying their fair share of taxes.  That's $150 Billion in income disappearing (average income of $50K/person/year).  With a real tax rate of 15% (average actual rate everyone pays) that's $22.5 Billion is taxes for vegan bums who don't want to work but protest.

I know they won't be which is why being a liberal is so stupid.

Don't worry, conservatives are next.

For County Executive

Friday, October 7, 2011

Numerology, Smurfette, and правда

The number 19 has special meaning for us here in Albany. 
Remember the Ghost ticket scandal?  The scandal brought to the forefront by the people’s Warrior Corey Ellitist who was then a councilclown running for mayor.  Then the story broke that this black progressive hypocrite had received 19 no-pay ghost tickets?  I remember it like it was yesterday.

And now a 19% tax hike for the county by our County Executive.  WTF!  And did you see the republican response to this crap?  No.  THEY DON’T HAVE ANYONE RUNNING! 

In order for the tax to pass 24 (60%) of the legislature needs to vote to override the tax cap.  Well what do you know, THERE ARE EXACTLY 24 LEGISLATORS WHO ARE RUNNING UNOPPOSED.  19 Dems and 5 Reps.  And since the reps voted to make McPloy Chairman of the ledge, you know where their vote is going.

I am writing-in Lebron for County Executive.  This is bullshit already!

19 - Paul Hardcastle

The Soviet Union’s paper was правда (Pravda) which is Russian for Truth.

I wrote a brilliant piece of satire that referred to Paula Mahan as Smurfette.  Jordan Carleo-Evangelist then received a call from Paula’s peeps to suppress the will of the smartass.  But I was able to repost if I agreed to do so without Smurfette.

Now you decide, is Paula the Evil Smurfette or the Nice Smurfette?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Der Kommisso Is In Town

I used to be a democrat, registered and all.  Then realized dems are nothing more than a bunch of buffoons who depend on government money to give themselves jobs and inflated titles. 

Being from Brooklyn and black (I’m mixed but look as black as anyone chilling on Livingston Ave) I couldn’t be a republican.  Credit the union public school teachers in NYC for that, they told us that no person of color should be a republican.  Next time a public school teacher tells you how valuable they are, mention the last sentence.
So I am not affiliated with any party.  That makes primary time a lonely time for me.

This morning I was listening to The Wizard (VanDenblurb) on AM 1300 W.Gerald.D.Jennings where he was commending Commisso Jr. for wanting to wean the city from the landfill.  For those who do not know VanDenblurb, he has a caste system for credibility.  So far I think this is how it goes:
1.      White
2.      Male
3.      Irish/Italian
4.      Catholic
5.      Over 50
6.      Conservative
7.      Republican
8.      Female
9.      Dog
10.  Cat
11.  Mollusks with pseudo pods
12.  Minorities

I mention this because LEBRON first mentioned it back in 2009.  VanDenblurb did not mention anything then.

So for the record, Commisso is dead right on but Lebron said it first when it wasn’t popular;  When the Mayor was looking to scam his way into another 4 years by using a landfill deal to bury the problem.  Sort of like Paula Mahan in Colonie except she did it with a private firm and stole the palm greasing thunder from The Tanfather.

I've been told countless times that being a democrat today is a matter of doing nothing and coming up with no new ideas.  Wait until a republican comes up with new ideas first and steal it from them and sell them as your own.  Maybe too harsh to say that’s what Commisso Jr, after all, commonsense usually has no political affiliation.