Friday, May 27, 2011

AlbanyCitizenWants Is Up To Her Tricks

Ahh, the sign of a true challenger, ACWants is now against Lebron.
When he ran in 2009, she never mentioned his name, and ignored him. Why? cause he wasn't supposed to do anything.
Then the Corey campaign people told her to take a hike. Why not? She was running to the Tanfather and his peeps and letting them know what Corey was up to. Check it out, all true.
Then she starts being friendly to Lebron. To do the same thing, run to the Mayor and letting him know that he was up to.
She as creditable and Bernie Madolff. But she writes a lot and probably is still collecting unemployment for a job she was fired from for questionable finance practices. Oh, yes, check that out, all true.
So I posted this on her blog. She probably will post it cause at least she is that ballzy:
Don't know what your problem is with him but looks like he didn't raise enough money for you extort from another candidate.

Let's connect some dots,
-Extort money from Corey Ellis, didn't work
-Extort money from the Tanfather, please, there are younger and prettier in line for him.
-Extort money from Lebron but there wasn't any.

The GOP has nothing. Even if hey don't endorse him because of your strong opposition, whatever that's worth, what does it mean? Nothing.

Stick to exorting money from council members, county legislators, non profits, small startups, radio stations, tv outlets, assembly members, and state senators.

Also, telling democrats the mayors secrets and vice versa doesn't mean anything. You still have one red suit and a gray one. Even by crackhead standards you're a failure.

The yellow rose of Texas is wilting much like the coloring of your hair.
Theresa, you have long legs and under the right light and with Jim Miller's Alcohol level, you may be appealing to an old politician living a medieval crisis. Stick to writing about chickens and your days as a radio personality in the southwest, check it out, not completely true.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MY BOY!!!!! Lebron Gonna Take it Gangsta Style

My Boy announced today he is running for Albany County Executive. We all remember him from 2009 when he ran for Mayor of Albany.


So this is what's up:

  • The Little Mermaid drops out thus screwing anyone's chances of being a respected candidate.
  • Lebron announces before the GOP makes their decision. See, if its the other way around, Lebron looks like a second choice chump. Lebron chooses instead of being chosen. It is called INDEPENDENCE!!!
  • Don Cleary, the GOP chairman, says he is still looking for anyone but Lebron to interview. A complete DISS!!!! Check it out:
  • Whalen did not have to interview. Important to know that cause we minorities KNOW THAT WE HAVE TO INTERVIEW WHILE THE CONNECTED AND PRIVILEGED FEW ARE JUST GIVEN THOSE OPPORTUNITIES. There you have it, in plain sight. In the Dems the connected are blue collar (McCoy) and in the GOP they are white collar (Whalen). Results are still the freaking same, da brothas get no shot.
This proves that the GOP is just as screwed up as the Dems, except the Dems HAVE POWER and the GOP has shit. Again, the Dems have all the goodies and the GOP is hoping to win a town board seat in Colonie.

Nate, we got you. Hopefully the GOP will do the right thing and you can run the way hot blondes with money run.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whalen: The 35 Hour Candidate

On May 20th at 10:32 am the TU posts an article about Jennifer Whalen running.
Announcement May 20 @ 10:32am

On May 21th at 9:30 pm she says no after much BS reflection.
Unannouncement May 21 @ 9:30pm

Apparently, she could not handle the heat and she doesn't look like the type to hang in the kitchen. Loudonville is too high brow to deal with regular folk in da hood and the hill towns. And Guilderland & Bethlehem, please, beneath her.

The GOP county chair said this about the Little Mermaid:
"She obviously didn’t have the temperament to run a campaign of this magnitude"

Right!!! So why did you go after her?

So there are two historical quitters in our midst:
Shawn "Blossom" Morris
Jennifer "The Little Mermaid" Whalen

The Bad: Who is ever going to take her serious. Bob Reilly could parade in a Handyman superhero outfit (remember In Living Color?) and beat her.

The Worse: Who is going to take the eventual candidate serious. Second choice is not a good way to campaign.

The Worst: We get no competition and McCoy skates into office.

Good job Little Mermaid.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

99 Problems and A Chicken Ain't One

I had a conversation with Nathan Lebron about a week ago in Ultra Violet Cafe. He was going to see a movie and I just wanted to chill with a left-wing skinny latte. Lebron was the genius who ran for mayor of Albany in 2009. He is also the first republican I ever voted for without a second thought.

We spoke about everything, including the county races where he told me he was interested. He was more interested in getting the best person for the race but thought he could offer something better than we have had. I love selfless people.

We got on the chicken issue and what he would have done as mayor. So, we disagreed. Under the right controls he would have passed the ordinance and mentioned some other cities with similar laws. I of course was against it. But then he said something in a way only a kid from Da Boogie Down Bronx could say; there are 99 other problems with the city and a chicken ain't one. MY BOY!!!!

That's from the famous Jay Z song "99 Problems". Here is the video:

This brotha gotta run for something. Republicans don't spit like that!!!!