Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Tale of Two Legislative Districts

I live in the 7th legislative district. Legisloser Scavo is my representative. He is facing a challenge by Noelle Kinsch who, aside from being seemingly too fucking smart for such a waste of time position, is proving to be a cronie. She organized a fundaiser where she invited prominent leaders from all the different juntas of the democratic party. That includes the Breslin Pups, The Tanfather among the many.

The Alligator Man also lives in my district and has hit up my crib for signatures and campaign lit. If you have not seen a poster of his, picture a five year old collage of police reports (not kidding), picture of a bulldog (also not kidding), and an obsession with some doctor in Albany Med. Not to mention his poor writing skills, (thanks to union public schools), and brilliant use of a copier machine. He likes alligators, cool with me, passing lit around with a bulldog is just stupid.

The 7LD can chose among a creep, a cronie, and wierdo. I am truly blessed.

The first LD is being left vacant by Infante, well liked sheriff. He is 92 years old and for some reason no one has ever challenged him. He began his legislative career when Mother Earth's cafe was still around. That's 17 years.

I can't find a single accomplishment for Infante while legislator. Not one example of him being outspoken about anything. Just a quiet go along vote for the piece of crap legislature we have.

On his way out he did endorse a Maureen O'Brien character to continue to carry the torch of nothingness and inaction.

Why I picked these districts?

  • Because I live in one and near the other.
  • Because they have two legislators who are party cronies.
  • Because they will continue to be represented by party cronies.
  • Because neither legislator should have been in office (the dem party stealing an election to put Scavo in office and dems working a deal with the GOP to make sure the sheriff never has a challenger)
  • Because the districts should not even exist.

This election year will see no change and we will continue to vote for this disaster of a legislative body. All good though, we will be shcoked when nothing happens.