Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mandela's Legacy: A Peace Ambassador and a Terrorist

This morning I woke up to catch some live coverage of Nelson Mandela memorial services in Soweto, South Africa.  I have admired this man ever since I learned and became aware of him and now that he is gone, I wanted to see how the new South Africa was going to send him off.

Every news story has praised him as a saint and heaven sent.  He was a re-conciliator and a man of peace and forgiveness.  Yeap, and I agree with all of that (well, except for the sainthood-heaven-sent thing).  But then here comes the internet to the rescue!

On the more conservative sites, Mandela is a terrorist and a communist-marxist.  ooooookay.  Lets address the first nonsense, terrorist.

The apartheid government of South Africa classified him as a terrorist.  true.  But let me say this again THE RACIST POLICE STATE OF APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA CALLED AN ENEMY TO ITS POLICIES A TERRORIST.  Not to sound like the the devil in the Devil's Advocate but "consider the source son!"

Guess what, MSNBC thinks members of the tea party are racist too.  But I guess a "credible" source like MSNBC qualifies as the sole determinant of who is racist and who isn't, right?

However, his organization, the African National Congress, did commit acts of terror.  No secret, all you had to do is pick a Times Magazine or a US News and World Report in the 80s to see pictures of necklacing, the practice of tying people, surrounding them with tires and setting them on fire.

Apparently according to some of these buffoons, Mandela, while cracking rock (Sam Coleman will be covered in another post) in one of the world's most notorious island prisons was running this organization.

Prisoners of Robben Island
So Mandela Soprano ran a violent anti government enterprise from within a hard labor prison.  Now, the truth is that his wife Winnie was running the organization and ordered the attacks.  In fact, it was one of the reasons they separated after he was released.

Now on the communist charge, .... did I miss the creation of the South African Sovietski?  He became president, implemented NOT ONE COMMUNIST POLICY and is somehow a communist?   Oh not to mention HE RAN AGAINST THE COMMUNIST PARTY FOR THE PRESIDENCY!  I know I know facts always get in the way of a good bs story.

Mandela's legacy does not go unblemished as with any leader.  I'm sure Gandhi wasn't proud of his inability to keep post colonial India from fracturing into Pakistan and Bangladesh and the violence that drove those movements.  Or that under Thatcher thousands of innocent Irish men and women were imprisoned without due process of law merely for suspicion of having ties with the IRA.

One thing that no one will be able to argue is that he could at the snap of a finger thrown the nation into a civil war and killed the whites.  Mandela Mugabe could have gone after his oppressors and we would be talking about the South African Civil War of 1994 not the election of a president who forgave and inspired a nation to do the same.

"Communist" city of Johannesburg, South Africa

World's First "Communist" Stock Exchange

"Communist" Skyline of Capetown, South Africa

Low Information Idiots With A Web Browser And Photoshop Skills Are Very Dangerous, But Entertaining

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Endorsement Time: Theresa Portelli

If you follow most the local media, Kathy Sheehan won.  Well, why would they do their job and cover the other candidates running for office?  Because it takes work and it is so much easier to cover the recent show on the Palace or if the local music scene is still hot.

But that's not how I roll.  I make it a point to follow all candidates and make an educated decision.

Theresa Portelli came unto the scene after the Board of Elections and the Libertarian party operatives tanked the candidacy of her son Alex Portelli.  He was seeking the libertarian line.

Theresa is a member of the Green party.  OK, so she is a big progressive.  But didn't you hear, Albany is all progressive now!  I don't know about all that, maybe Green!

Theresa's campaign has been running on a shoe string budget with lots of shoe leather.  She has not received $350,000 from special interests and contributions from supporters.  She has not been anointed by media as the Mother of Dragons.  She has not been charged with bringing magic back to Storybrook to defeat the Evil Queen.

She's a regular gal who really believes in progressive ideals.  Here is the Theresa Portelli For Mayor YouTube channel so you know EXACTLY what she stands for.

What a refreshing fucking idea, a mayoral candidate who is honest and open.

She ran once before for Albany City School Board.  In 1996 she received over 9,000 votes!  More than Kathy received in the primary.  Ms. Portelli claims she got over 11,000 votes.  Still more than Kathy.  So, I am going to average the numbers and say she got 10,000, which is still more than Kathy.

When asked why she ran, she said that she did so because her own children could not attend their community neighborhood schools, it was all lottery.  So she got involved, gave the city community neighborhood schools thus granting educational access for all!  Let me put it another way, she saw a problem, she had a solution, she ran for office, won, and implemented the solution.  THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.  But don't take it from me, hear it in her own words:

Ms. Portelli offers the new progressive Albany a record, a real record of accomplishments.  In an era where politicians offer sex scandals and self enrichment, she can point to a school building and say "your kid can go there because I made it possible".

Ms. Portelli also offers a modesty and sincerity that is lacking in most public servants.  After completing her term on the school board she left office and we the people never heard of her again.  You know how politicians like to stay in the spotlight?  She couldn't care less about it and went on to raise children, work, and pay taxes.

Ms. Portelli brings a degree of legitimacy to her progressive ideals that quite frankly I don't think Ms. Sheehan has.  Not that Ms. Sheehan is not a progressive but if one were to do a side by side comparison of the Ms. Portelli and Ms. Sheehan, Portelli's progressive resume and profile is more believable and sincere.

Ms. Portelli brings experience.  She worked as an educator and for the State Of New York.  She has managed multi-million dollar budgets and knows the value of public accountability.

Ms. Portelli also brings a level of honesty that quite frankly the other candidates do not have.  Not that they are liars but they have refused, either by choice or ignorance, to address what they will do about the fiscal mess in the city.  Hear it in her own words (at about 1:30 she mentions the "C" word):

YES!  She said cuts!

Kathy is counting that as long as she can evade the "C" word, she can waltz into office.  She of course will need to make tough decisions but she is not saying it.

Ms. Portelli, however, straight up said she will have to look at cuts.  Honest enough?

Ms. Portelli has the right balance of experience and vision to lead the city into this new progressive era.  I'm still against the wall when it comes to progressives but if I am going to vote for one, she better be real deal;  I'm voting Portelli.

The Other Candidates
Jesse Calhoun - Republican
If you listen to the debates, specifically the Hispanic Coalition of NY and WAMCs, it's hard to believe he is a republican.  Certainly a libertarian.

He is a preschool teacher and musician.  He was garnered a ton of support from the local artistic scene.  He clearly loves Albany and as he said at the HCNY debate, thinks Albany is afraid of being a city.  Right on!

He has also undertaken the issue of the APD using public housing as a training facility.  Libertarians would hate this but none has made it a key issue of their race.

Problem?  No idea what other experience leads him to think he can run a city of $170M.

Joe Sullivan -  Conservative
He has said that if he gets elected, we will get Gerry Jennings.  Ummmmmmm, I don't think so.

Too bad because aside from thinking that illegals are destroying Albany, he had some good responses on education for HS graduates.  He does remember a time where you didn't need a Phd to provide for a family and that's something this county is missing badly.  I will admit, he is right.

Marlon Anderson - Democrat Write-In
As with Calhoun, I have no idea what he has to offer professionally to run a city this size.  He also has a tendency to be inappropriate when speaking with people, specially of the opposite sex.

But when the brotha is right, damn it, the brotha is right!

At the debate when asked about political diversity, Anderson actually said that the Common Council is diverse, has plenty of people of color WHO DO NOT REPRESENT PEOPLE OF COLOR.  BOOYA!

That's some urban wisdom.  He should consider running for a smaller office and raise a bit of hell.  But his ego won't let him.

Valerie Faust - Democrat, Write-In
She ran 4 years ago as a write-in after she was screwed out of the democrat primary.  Think of a Corey Ellis, with brains, intelligence, maturity, and real relevant experience.  OK, for that matter don't think of Ellis.

Think of an urban progressive with a real pulse on the community and willing to engage ANYONE.  That's Ms. Faust.

However, she entered into this race a little too late to make a significant write-in push.  But she needs to stay in the picture because this city needs people like her.

"I think that everything I do tends to root for the underdog."
Judd Apatow

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Latinos Are Coming, The Latinos Are Coming!!!

Sorry for being late on this one but I have had pneumonia.  Sick like a dawg.  And I am one big ass baby when I get sick.  Good thing my girl likes big ass babies!

10 days ago the Hispanic Coalition of New York and a local chapter of LULAC sponsored a debate for mayor of Albany.  All the candidates were invited, and they actually advertised on TV!  Even Conservative Joe Sullivan who thinks Mexicans are destroying Albany was there!

TV Spot

Moderator and Panel

All Candidates

Word on the street is the event was a fucking hit!  It was professional, fair, non partisan.  Even the write in candidates Marlon Anderson and Valerie Faust were invited.  As you can see, the city now has new faces of community leadership, not the usual party hacks.

I got to hear the audio and I gotta tell you, i have never heard anything so well done.  Props to The People's Media.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Big Ass props to my latino brothers and sisters for showing that people of color can put something truly professional together.

Four years ago the League of Some Women Voters and CANA reneged on doing one for the general election because there was a hispanic republican running, Nathan Lebron.

This time around the same groups are refusing to do one because there is a republican running, Jesse Calhoun.

Last year these very imbeciles refused to have a forum for a state senate race where a Latina was running, Monica Miranda, a democrat.  (see a pattern)

So, Miranda is the president of the HCNY and Lebron is the Chairman.  And instead of being partisan, vengeful, and petty, they were open and fair.

If this is what the new latino increase in the area is going to bring, then please, SI MAS SI MAS!
If you remember the Roberto Duran fight from back in the day, you know that's some funny shit!

Props to the Latinos!!!!

"A couple of years after I arrived in Hollywood, everything that was Latino was fashionable, and years after, my thought is that we're not fashionable anymore. We're here to stay."
Antonio Banderas

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A House is Not A Home, If A Voter Is Not There

Out in the 5th Ward, Sam Coleman, The Redeemed, complained about an affidavit ballot filed by a woman who claimed to live in AN ABANDONED BUILDING.  Yo, I'm from Brooklyn, that's possible.

From the Times Union:  Watcha Talkin' About BOE?

Apparently, this "voter" was given an affidavit ballot because her name was not on the books as a registered voter.  It happens.

With such a ballot one has to swear they are qualified to vote and that they live where they say.  Hey, everyone is honest, right?

However, this ding dong used 10 Lexington Ave, an abandoned building OWNED BY THE BROTHER OF THE OTHER CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR OFFICE, MARK ROBINSON!

Yes, Mr. Weed Enterprise himself.

But that's not enough.  The "residence" is in front of the offices of Mr. Robinson.

So, someone is gonna get charged, indicted, and prosecuted, right Soares?

Robinson BTW was supported by our couch surfer Corey Ellis.

According to the BOE, Coleman is less than 20 votes away from taking the race away from criminal entrepreneur Mark Robinson.

Why would anyone think that president and CEO of Weed Enterprises was not going to employ his "corporate" skills to steal an election?  Because he said so?  Because he revitalizes properties in bad hoods?

Pay attention idiots, they are stealing your democracy.

Miss You Luther!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Progressive Tsunami!!!! NOT!!!

First I want to congratulate Kathy Sheehan for winning this primary.  Her election has brought hope to those of us who want mature, educated, and professional people in office.  I am tired of 40 year old virgins aiming for offices they think they are entitled to because they have the right skin color or sex or whatever.

Now the media wants to spin this primary into some sort of a progressive bum rush in the city.  HA HA HA HA!!!  SLOOOOWWWW Down!

Kathy got 7,000 votes!  Corey got 3100.  Out of 38,000. I am assuming after the absentees are counted, they will reach those numbers so as of right now, they got less.  In other words, garbage!  (Corey, that's refuse the noun, not the verb)

Let me break it down for ya.

  • In 2009, Corey running in the general just under the Working Families line received 4800 votes.  That's 55% more votes than he received on tuesday.
  • In the 2009 primaries, Corey got 6300 votes, 103% more votes.  And he lost.
  • In 2005, Alice Green running a nothing campaign as a Green Party candidate got 5200 votes.
  • In 2005, Archie Goodbie lost to Jennings in the primary and got 4500 votes.
  • In fact I had to dig in the TU archives to see what Theresa Portelli got (the Green Party candidate): yeap, she got over 9,000 votes back in the 90s.  FOR FUCKING SCHOOLBOARD!!!

The true progressive win in this city was David Soares back in 2004.  I remember those progressives screaming at the Big House (now some Brazilian meat spot):


9 years later its like:

In Soares' election the chant was about taking Jennings out.  Jennings takes himself out this year and now we get slightly better results than a school budget.

Kathy has a ton of work to do.  And she should jump on it ASAP.  But please, stop with all the revolution talk.  It is not.  It is apathy.

"I was faced more with apathy than opposition."
Adrian Cronauer 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Endorsement Time: Sheehan

Four years ago I endorsed Ellis to beat Jennings in the democratic primary.  I did not have a blog then but Democracy In Albany did and there is a post to prove it.  BTW, DIA was a shill for Ellis even though he claimed to be "impartial".

My argument then was simple, he is not ready to run a grocery store BUT maybe the people pulling his strings were capable.  It was the George W. Bush argument, remember?  "Duh he is an idiot but the people he'll appoint will be smart"

Well, Ellis lost.

Now we have Kathy Sheehan, a corporate lawyer who has the professional maturity to run something larger than a grocery store.

As a VP for Intermagnetics, a truly local success story, she oversaw a company that brought in $100s of millions in revenues.  And she did it as a woman which, even in this day and age, is impressive as hell.

What puzzles me is why isn't she the republican candidate?  She has the right profile, corporate, rich, white.  What puzzles me more is why the hell are progressives backing her?  You know, since she is corporate, rich, white.

I have often referred to progressives as hypogressives.  Why?  Because they do stuff like this.  They bash people who come from corporate America but then back others.  It's amazing the crap they are willing to compromise for the sake of some demographic accolade "First woman blah blah blah"  or "first African-American blah blah blah"

But I don't hold her being corporate, rich, white against her.  She has to run a city which Jennings has left in fiscal disarray and I'm sorry my brotha, a community organizer ain't doing it.

The TU and Metroland have also "endorsed" her.  Both fish wraps have actually stated that she not only is intentionally not being specific about how to close the $20M hole the Tanfather has left us, but she is also not being forthcoming with real ideas.  With friends like these who needs enemies?

If they felt that way they should have passed on endorsing anyone but to give up a historical opportunity to endorse the first female mayor..........Hell no!

In her defense she cannot be specific.  People are not gonna want to hear how the financial sausage is going to get made.  People don't want to hear that cuts are inevitable, that another loan from the state is necessary and that unions are gonna have a hell of a time when it is time to renew their contracts.

People are not gonna want to hear that taxes may need to be raised and that services may need to be scaled back.

People are not gonna want to see her take all the bits and pieces of low quality meat as she throws it in the fiscal grinder and pushes it into the the casing of municipal directives and policies.  That's not the kind of sausage the people want.  (Cardona's on Delaware has great sausages BTW)

She's smart.

Corey knows this too.  Maybe not as well as Sheehan but I don't think he knows where to locate the meat grinder.

Ellis had a great opportunity to lead the rage of urban complacency in this city.  Instead, he chose to suck his thumb.  That pisses me off.

He disappears for four years, comes back expecting the fight to be where he left it in 2009.  Well, the fight is still there but the lower wards want a different general.  Sorry Ellis, the hood don't roll like that.

Ellis does seem to be better this time around.  Better presentation, better articulation of his positions, a better debater.  All jokes aside, he is politically young and should run for something.  Assembly, state senate, county legislator, something.  But don't disappear and for the love of God grow up and stop couch surfing from ward to ward.

Sheehan is not from this area.  And that's great!  She has no generational roots here.  She has actually seen places outside of Albany and like me, looks at things differently.  I'm from Brooklyn and I think Albany is great.  She's from Ohio and probably sees a future Columbus or Cincinnati.  I've been to those cities and they are great places to visit and live.  Well, don't get yourself profiled while being African American in Cincy but you get what I mean.

Being born and raised in the same place shows that you have no outside perspective more than it shows unique local ties.  And this city could use a lot of outside perspective to show us where it can go.

"A lot of people in our industry haven't had very diverse experiences. So they don't have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have."
Steve Jobs 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Zurlo vs Gildersleeve vs Talk1300 vs Calhoun

I try to stick to Albany topics because that's where I live and quite frankly, that's where all the action is in this part of the state.  But, just when I try to stay out, these a-holes pull me back in.

If you have been snoring under a rock, the Saratoga County race for sheriff, correction, the Republican race for sheriff, has been a hot one.  The two candidates, Zurlo and Gildersleeve, have been going at it pretty harsh.  As a resident of Albany I have no idea what is like to have a republican anybody do anything but tank races so it has grabbed my attention.

I then receive an email from a good friend about the race and whether I have been following it.  Not really but I see what's going on in cyberspace.  He tells me that my favorite canard Paul Vandenblurb had on his show two guys who were talking about the race, The Gun Guy and some Tom King guy.

First I checked to see if I lived in West Virginia because it sounds like something a radio station out there would have, "Welcome to the King and the Gun Guy Morning Zoo!"

The Gun Guy is a proprietor of B&J Shooting Supply in Colonie, a gun seller.  Tom King is the Mack Daddy of the NYS Rifle and Pistol Association.  OK, they are not characters and by the smell of things 2nd Amendment guys.  Also, they are HUGE supporters of Gildersleeve.

While on an appearance, (that Vandenblurb conveniently does not have on podcast) these two characters actually said that there were no republicans running for mayor in the city of Albany.  And Paul didn't know enough not to correct them.

I was flabbergasted!  Well not really, it is after all Albany and these are not Mensa members.

But I was shocked that the owner of a gun shop and the NYS leader of gun rights didn't know that the city of Albany had a republican candidate for mayor since HE HAS BEEN AT 2ND AMENDMENT RALLIES!  Tom, Gun Guy, and Paul, pay attention:

Yes, GOP candidate Jesse Calhoun has been a huge supporter of liberty and gun rights.  How do these imbeciles get away with not knowing who he is and on their side?

To my peeps in Saratoga, support anyone you like.  They both have crazy nice resumes and apparently only differ on their stance of the NY Safe Act, Zurlo wants to follow the law even though he does not like it and Gildersleeve does not want to enforce a law he deems unconstitutional.  But go to their sites and make your own decision and do not listen to disconnected and disengaged idiots who have no idea who is on their side.

Gildersleeve: Gildersleeve For Sheriff
Zurlo:  Zurlo For Sheriff

"An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark - that is critical genius."
Billy Wilder 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"A Felon Did A Better Job"

 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  The village e-diot got bounced from the democratic ballot for common council ward 6!!!!

All the fireworks in China can't express the joy it brings me that Theresa Grafflin, self appointed public advocate, was not intelligent enough to collect 104 signatures.  In a ward that is 70% democrat (nearly 1900 dems) she collected 155 and 40% of them were invalid.  Here is another awesome job by TUs JCE:  Knocked Off

Oh wait, that smells fishy.  Hold on.  hmmmm.  Did she forge some of those signatures?

I asked one of my peeps about this and it is entirely possible.

See, the law only requires the signature, not the printed name.  So, she could have just as easily sat on her vodka coffee table, and just signed signatures and filled in addresses.

Yeap, sounds like a possibility to me.

Mathematically, how can she be so far off?  I mean even if she just goes door to door without a list the probability she can get 40% wrong when only 30% of the voters ineligible to sign is strange.

She is lazy, so not likely she used a list to properly vet voters.

Yo, Soares, my brotha, you may have something here.  And don't worry, she is not an Occupier so you can investigate and prosecute.  Chop, chop, get to it.

Got to see a tweet sent by Nlebron quoting his bro ALebron  "a felon did a better job at collecting signatures than her"


AlbanyCitizenNotAsGoodAsAFelon is done!

Felons are great at two things:  Collecting signatures and making license plates.
One day, Theresa will learn the latter.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

And the Pot Calls the Kettle Black?

Village E-Diot Theresa Grafflin

This past Thursday there was a surprise filing for office for the city's common council:  Agapito Lebron Jr.  Yes, from that Lebron line!

It's no secret I like Nathan Lebron.  Some idiots have gone as far as to suggest that we are the same person.  But now I gotta be careful as there is more than one Lebron.

As you may or may not know, our village e-diot Theresa Grafflin is running for city council of the 6th ward.  Apparently she is trying to ingratiate herself with the new power in town, McCoy.  See, her sugar daddy Jennings is not running again and since she has burned every bridge with every other candidate, the welfare barnacle is looking for a new gravy boat.

ALebron apparently has a criminal record.  I normally don't care for candidates who are criminals but in this city we've had a pimp become alderman and other "felons" run for office.  Shit, Marion Barry was reelected mayor of Washington DC AFTER the FBI caught him smoking crack while he was mayor.  And don't get me started with Spitzer.

So ALebron filed petitions for common council to run against the hag under the indy and rep lines.  HILARIOUS!

But wait it gets better!!!!

NLebron responds to a post she did on her blog.  Nancy Drew did some "investigative" work and "discovered" more information THAT WAS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC!

What's great is that she allowed his comment through and then deleted it.  Weird Right?!

Hmm why would she do that? (BTW she has also deleted her post calling Ellis a monkey 4 years ago and the one where she blamed the city's firemen for breaking into her apartment and stealing her laptop)

So I emailed NLebron to see if he had a copy of the response and sure enough, he did:

"There is truly no limit  how low you can go.

I had a serious talk with Pete about running and the pitfalls he may encounter with someone like yourself.  He still wanted to do it.

If I had the time or even the interest, I'm sure your readers would be interested to see the questionable past you have paved for yourself.  And the authorities in the state of Texas and Pennsylvania I'm sure would offer some interesting reading.

After a serious discussion with my brother he actually thought it comical that Elliot Spitzer was running so he went for it.  Perhaps you are the madame he is running against.

I love my brother and wish him the best.  I'm here to help him in anyway. 

Before I forget, my IP is"

I can't put my finger on it but something didn't sit right with her.  I wonder what it could be?

The state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


AH I have reached 100 posts!!!! What an achievement!

I started this blog 4 years ago more to vent than anything else.  I avoided posting often for a reason, I work and enjoy my free time.  I also intended the blog to be about nothing and since I mostly write about local politicians.....

It started as A Blog About Nothing and it still is!!!!!!

So to celebrate this monumental achievement (averaging about 2 posts per month) I bring you the 2013 mayoral candidates for Albany, NY.  Enjoy!!!

Going Back to Ohio - Albany

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yawn, 1st Ward and SUNY Albany

The Common Council race in the city's first ward is shaping up to be the weirdest one this electoral cycle.

1.  Dorcey Applyrs, a non native of Albany (from DC) is pursuing a PhD at UA.  How do I know?  Her bio says so.  How else do I know?  MY UALBANY ALUMNI MAGAZINE KEEPS PROMOTING HER!

Yes the alumni fish wrap has done a number of stories including a gratuitous front cover piece promoting the only PhD student the school has.  If this is how they roll at UA, my contributions to the schools will stop.  OK, let me stop lying!!!

I have never seen a local school trip over themselves for a student of their as with this one.

Student Spotlight

But here's the real rub with her, Sheehan and the progressives have given their OK for her to run and they are backing her.  The same people who have expressed their hatred for charter schools and their desire to eradicate them.  Why is that important?  Mr. Applyrs is the principal for a local charter school.

You go reconcile that shit!

BTW, she is a hotty and a brain, so I can overlook a lot!!!!!!!

2.  Andres Rivera - a non native of Albany is the democratic party endorsed candidate.  He is from the Bronx and has not lived here long.  I have heard him speak and he apparently thinks the 1st Ward is the Bronx in 1979 and the Boppers are about to beat up on The Warriors.

Having lived in Brooklyn in those days, Rivera reminds me of every ghettocrat from the projects on Lewis ave.  It is old, it is played out, and I have known real Young Lords and you sir, are no Young Lord.

3.  Mannarino - What can I say, a machine fireman who got SCHOOLED by Calsolaro 4 years ago for the very same spot.  He too is old (as in antiquated) and played out.

There you have it, a conflicted progressive (but hot) darling given the nod, a fake ghetto revolutionary (who is also being supported by the village e-diot), and more of the same machine garbage.

Good Luck!

Yo, Andres, look, real Young Lords

Jennings Wants to be Remembered!

The guy is not out of office yet and his tan sprayers are looking to waste more money to memorialize him.

On the TU Local Politics Blog, my favorite, there is a post about Councilman Rosenweig wanting to change the name of the park portion of the Corning Preserve to Jenning's Landing.  What the hell?

Here is the post: Jennings Landing

The Roz is a long time tan sprayer.  Loves Jennings and is Gerry's councilman.  The guy always looks like is driving in a convertible.  I will give him a native american name.....Councilman "Wind Through His Hair".

Councilman "Wind Through His Hair" is such a shill that he too chose not to seek reelection in a gimme ward when the mayor also chose not to run again.  However, "Wind Through His Hair" is a school teacher and from what I hear a good one.  So props for teaching our children, no props for this proposal.

Jennings has been such a stagnant figure in the city that he will always be remembered for being a wannabe mafia dude, or a wannabe mayor of a big city, or a wannabe, political baller when he goes after his PILOT ducketts, or a wannabe caramel boy with his tangerine hue.

Besides, his name is everywhere.  From welcoming you into the city to the public housing development on Jennings Way to Jennings winning those two superbowls against the Patriots, Jennings has been on the forefront of taking credit for anything that happens in this city.

Here are some suggestions for other spots which can be used to memorialize Jennings:

1.  Mount Jennings (Landfill)
2.  Jennings Corner (Katina Thomas)
3.  Jennings Hydrant (Car crash)
4.  Rename the ER of Albany Memorial to Jennings Pavilion (McEneny Daughter)
5.  JenningsCitizenOne (Gerry's Blog)

Monday, June 10, 2013


Props to 

It's On!!!!
Occupy Albany has made the first move to create a debate for all announced candidates for mayor.  It will be tonight at 6:00 pm at the Albany Public Library, Main Branch

The only candidates committed to coming are Alex Portelli, Marlon Anderson, and Jesse Calhoun.

Don't complain later that you don't know who else is running or that you don't know what they stand for.  

Occupy brought you to the water, now take a drink.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still Doing OK!

All good for this little blog that I rarely use.  Stats have been pretty steady in the low 100s.  Then spiked like a motha when I wrote about our village e-diot.  Consequently,  the only real traffic she got was when she wrote about Lebron.  I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Keep visiting.  Maybe I'll start selling ads like some "impartial" bloggers we know.

Top three so far: (My favorite so far is the Mullberry Double S)
1.  The Village E-diot Runs For Office
2.  A Pretender From Ohio Will Be The Next Mayor
3.  Pimpin' Ain't Easy, Shelly

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pimpin' Ain't Easy, Shelly

Mulberry Double S
Sheldon Silver is the speaker of the New York State Assembly.  A Ghettocrat who represents the Lower East Side of Manhattan including Chinatown.

In his reign of sexual terror as speaker he has been covering up for fellow democrats, a parade of rapes and sexual harassment in Albany.  He has been paying off victims of sexual harassment to shut-up and go away.


The latest was a $103,000 hush money payout to victims of Brooklyn Democratic Chair Vito Lopez aka Gropez.  Yes, another ghettocrat was sexually harrassing his female staffer and Pimp Shelly been covering up.

This is important because just recently, while state democrats like PAT FAHY, PHIL STECK, CECILIA TCA$$HICK (the T is silent) have been praising him and adoring him, the Legislative Ethics Commission has fined Gropez $300,000 for apparently being a sexual harrassing democrat.  Yes the party of women and women's rights, and abortion rights for women, and ERA, happen to be the biggest supporters, with tax payer dollars, of helping themselves to the opposite sex while progressive/liberals sit by adoring these jerkoffs.

Here is the story in the Daily News (Yes, the NY Post were always on top of it but I thought it would be cool to see NYC's liberal fish wrap do the story): Vito Lopez Faces $300,000 Fine
(look at that piece of man beefcake Gropez is)

The media has been somewhat quiet about this but the people have been paying attention because 51% of New Yorkers want Pimp Shelly to step down.  Only 22% believe he should stay.  The 22% all live on Avenue A and Mullberry St.

Here is the the TU piece on the Quinnipiac Poll:  Q Poll Respondents Say Silver Should Go

Shelly has turned Albany into his own personal whore house.

"Talkin' Pimp Talk"

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Village E-diot Runs For Office

Guess who is running for office?  Our village e-diot!!!!!!!

Yes, Theresa Grafflin, aka Albany Citizen One, has gotten the support of the Independence Party to run against Richard Conti, the only member of the common council who is awake and aware of his surroundings.

This is America and she can run for anything.  I mean if Marlon and Corey can run, why not someone who also has no job and is looking for attention.  Don't we all deserve our place in the sun?

No one in this area has done more to ruin people's reputations with made up stories and rumors than TG.  She has been an operative for the democrat machine for a long time.

What I don't understand is why she is running against Conti?  Didn't he buy her enough drinks?  Didn't he kiss her ass enough?  Richard, WHAT HAVE YOU NOT DONE!!!???

So, if you have ANY stories of AC1 to share please send your comments to:  albanycommonsense@usa.com.  The comments will be anonymous and confidential, just like she likes it!

Why not?  She has blazed the trail for bullshit blogging and "journalism".  It's her turn to get a taste of her own medicine.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Pretender From Ohio Will Be The Next Mayor

That's the Buckeye from The Ohio State University
My boy Lebron expressed interest in running for mayor of Albany.  He ran 4 years ago and moved out the city JUST LIKE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF OTHERS.  He now lives in Colonie.  After over 20 years in Albany the brother was driven out.

Here's a great piece done by Jordan Carleo-Envangelist: Inside Politics Hopefuls

Apparently he believes he can still run without currently living in the city.  I would have loved to see another political court case pan out with him.  The last time he challenged the machine, he won against the machinist, Tom Marcelle.

So, to prevent him from running, the GOP conveniently found a democrat socialist registered republican from Ohio to run.  

Jesse Calhoun lives in the city and believes 9-11 was brought to you by CGI and navy demolition experts.  Yes, a musician from Ohio who came to Albany because the music scene here was better (yes, he said that).  A "libertarian" who jumped on the second amendment bandwagon to spearhead his "political" career.  Another pothead who can't make up his mind if he is an independent, republican, socialist, democrat, whatever.

And...........A Debbie BUSCH hack!!!!

Yes, the nurse was behind this guy getting in.

I actually like libertarians and have voted for some.  And as long as he had some good ideas and a professional background he had my ear.  But now the nurse is behind him, I don't think so.

There's another libertarian running, Alex Portelli.  Why does that matter?  Well, it takes about 140 votes to get the republican line and 10 times more to get an independent line like the Libertarian.  So top it all off, Calhoun is lazy.

So Kathy Sheehan is a transplant from Ohio as is Calhoun.  Our next mayor will be from the Buckeye state. A state that has a music scene worse than ours and continues to be Michigan's bitch.

I think the lead singer of Sirsy should run for office.  She can take him!!!!

Rush Limbaugh should visit Albany!!!

MY CITY WAS GONE  by the Pretenders


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AlbanyCitizenWah and the Worm Hole

A few days ago our village e-diot Theresa Grafflin posted on her blog a story about a rumor that Lebron was  going to run for mayor of Albany.  You know, she has a network of informants that feed her information no one else has access to.  Or maybe someone called a radio station AND SAID THAT LEBRON WAS CONSIDERING IT!  That's right, she heard something that was broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of people.  So much for her "network".

But that's not all for Nancy Drew, she then attempts to associate me with Lebron as she and many other buffoons have done, unsuccessfully.  What, my word is no good?

So, Nancy Drew posts in one of her comments how hard it was for Lebron to switch from Fios to sprint implying that I/Lebron were switching internet carriers to conceal our true identity.  So I went to my superman phone booth to think about this.  Guess what, Busted!!!!

Lebron was on a mini vacation in the Thousand Islands over the memorial day weekend.  I was not.  If you are a friend of his on facebook you would have seen the check-ins in Alexandria Bay, The Thousands Islands, and Canada, places that do not have Fios but do have sprint.  Or whatever they use in Ol' Canada.

So either she is the liar most of us really know she is OR I, oops, I mean Lebron has harnessed the cosmic powers of time and defied its linear nature by bending it thus creating a worm hole.  Yes, I, Lebron knows how to create a worm hole to travel through time!!!  Well, at least 200 miles or 320 Kilometers.

Here is her post : GOP Mayoral Candidate

I have no idea if Lebron can run for mayor, he now lives in Colonie.  But after what the entrenched RINOs did to him in 2011, they owe him.  I hope he does run so I can have a reason to vote in november.

So what is TGs problem?  Is it that another person of color is getting some love and her Texan ways are kicking in, or is it that Lebron's political facebook page has as many likes as her own blog facebook page.  Yes, a political page that has done shit in 4 years has as many likes as our supposedly well visited village e-diot's.

Something happens to people in this town who don't achieve to their potential.  They lose their minds, become cookoo, and simply become bitter.

Take away her college degree, command of the english language, and about 15 years, Theresa Grafflin is not that far from being Jose Lopez, a local puerto rican Nazi she has endorsed for office.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming Out Party!!!

I hate when someone is given accolades for shit they did not accomplish.  Worse, I hate someone is called a hero for not doing anything remarkable.

However, I love watching history unfold.  With technology, there are a million different ways to witness some cool shit.

So, what do I think about Jason Collins coming out?  Not much.

Gays have faced discrimination that most could not imagine.  There was a time when being gay was considered a mental disorder and many where either killed or sent to "mental" hospitals to be "treated".

In fact, a mere suspicion of homosexuality could get someone fired or sent to jail.  And whats crazy is that it was not that long ago.  I mean, I still remember Laramie, Wyoming; and that was in 1998:  Matthew Shepard

Jason Collins is being called "courageous" for revealing his sexuality, publicly  as a professional athlete.  Not exactly Jackie Robinson but since sports is the last sanctuary for heterosexuals males, I guess it's something.

But before JC decided to come out, many truly courageous people risked everything to be openly gay.  And quite frankly, I rather them get the historical accolades of heroism.

Here is a brief history lesson: Coming Out History

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


By now you have heard or read about how Democrat Senator Malcolm Smith tried to buy the republican NYC ticket so he can get tax dollarz to run for office.  AND how the GOP was more than willing to sell it.

To some of you this only happens in big cities like NYC, Detroit, and DC where the GOP has nothing to offer and the people have given democrats carte blanche on anything they feel like doing.  BUT.... what makes you think it doesn't happen in other places like, I don't know, ALBANY!!!!

So let me explain in the only way I can, sparing you the editorializing the media has done on this story.



In NYC, the perps were arrested and are going to face serious time.  But in Albany, they are planning their next reelection campaigns not to mention a legislator who wants to run for congress.

Dear FBI:

Amtrak offers fast service from NYC to Albany, daily.  The trip takes just under 2:30 hours and now the trains have WIFI!  Come, stay a while, and make sure the county jail gets it's fair share of white collar criminals.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Marlon Anderson - 是哪个汉语成语的英译

Bozo has nothing on this clown.   Meet Marlon Anderson!

MA "ran" for mayor of Albany in 2009.  I say "ran" because after been incapable of making it on the ballot as a democrat, he "ran" as a write in and didn't write his own name down.  That's right, he didn't think HE was good enough to be mayor of Albany.

BUT gotta give the brotha props for being "involved".  He shows up at common council meetings, makes his 5 minute public comment (all citizens have this right, not just Marlon) and leaves.  But he does go to every council meeting and I know council people who don't have that kind of attendance record.

He has recently organized a number of forums to brag about how he is the man and is just awesome introduce candidates and bring attention to gun violence.  Big props because there are some characters thinking about running for office who have organized nothing.

I am bringing this up because he is announcing his intentions to run, once again, for mayor of Albany.  I had someone send me a copy of his facebook invite:

The library is located on 148 Henry Johnson Boulevard.

So bring your swag lacking fake pimps to this narcissistic event.  Please keep in mind he loves Asian women as he has so stated so many times, inappropriately, on other TU blogs.

Chinese proverb: "May you live in interesting times".  
Damn you Chinese, Damn you!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blood On Your Hands: SAFE ACT FAIL

Our valiant governor forced the SAFE Act through the legislature as a knee jerk reponse to the tragedy in Newton, CT.  Can't let a good tragedy go to waste, right Andy.  We all knew this bill was about making the guv noticed nationally for a possible presidential race in 2016.

Utica Observer-Dispatch - 4 Shot Dead

The law that was supposed to protect us from gun violence failed.  Many including myself have stated, this bill will do NOTHING to prevent anything.

Now I have no idea if the scumbags who did the shooting:
  1. Were mentally ill or not (SAFE Act Fail)
  2. Used a long gun (SAFE Act Fail)
  3. Used a hand gun (SAFE Act Fail) 
  4. Aquired the firearms legally (SAFE Act Fail) 
  5. Used a magazine that had the acceptable amount of bullets (SAFE Act Fail).

Fact is that depending on the investigative findings, it will be a huge story if can result in another emotional knee jerk restriction on guns or the media may acutally toss it aside.

But those who said this act was supposed to protect us, you have blood in your hands.

And so does Cuomo.
Cuomo:  Oops, my bad!