Monday, April 1, 2013

Marlon Anderson - 是哪个汉语成语的英译

Bozo has nothing on this clown.   Meet Marlon Anderson!

MA "ran" for mayor of Albany in 2009.  I say "ran" because after been incapable of making it on the ballot as a democrat, he "ran" as a write in and didn't write his own name down.  That's right, he didn't think HE was good enough to be mayor of Albany.

BUT gotta give the brotha props for being "involved".  He shows up at common council meetings, makes his 5 minute public comment (all citizens have this right, not just Marlon) and leaves.  But he does go to every council meeting and I know council people who don't have that kind of attendance record.

He has recently organized a number of forums to brag about how he is the man and is just awesome introduce candidates and bring attention to gun violence.  Big props because there are some characters thinking about running for office who have organized nothing.

I am bringing this up because he is announcing his intentions to run, once again, for mayor of Albany.  I had someone send me a copy of his facebook invite:

The library is located on 148 Henry Johnson Boulevard.

So bring your swag lacking fake pimps to this narcissistic event.  Please keep in mind he loves Asian women as he has so stated so many times, inappropriately, on other TU blogs.

Chinese proverb: "May you live in interesting times".  
Damn you Chinese, Damn you!!


  1. ROFLMAO.....I have to say thank you, I needed a laugh for today and this was a big one, what a clown he is. At least he wears the proper clothes for the role he playing. This guy shows up to council and talk about nothing or something that was just in the news or said by someone else but puts in his own words (major mistake)and leaves, you so hit it on the head, And as for organizing Forums, no one ever shows up I went to the 108th Candidate forum he held besides the candidates and a few of there supporters no one was there and the same for the community gun problem thing he did, maybe its the Dollar store sugar cookies and juice, lol....and he talks about himself during the entire forum, BLAH,BLAH,BLah, is all i hear from him, its like the Charlie Brown teacher talking, but wait he is sought after by many city agencies for advice, LMAO...what a joke, One of the most inappropriate people i have ever met, his FB pictures,his actions, himself, wait I would say language but he couldn't spell it if he tried. , a tru idiot by his own standards. Mayor of the City, lol...he didn't even vote for himself, at least he was honest and not waste a vote. I pray it rains Saturday, who does an annoncement on a Saturday afternoon during SPRING BREAK at a public library which has no outside space to hold announcement i guess people will stand in middle of street or he will get it blocked off, LOL., he must not expect many to show up..I WONT FOR SURE......

  2. Anonymous, I see you know him well! I haven't been to his forums but I did hear the assembly forum for the 108th district was not well attended. And yes, he used it as an opp to brag about himself.

    I do agree with him on the lack of participation by others looking to run for office. When you spend so much time looking at the mirror I guess you know what inaction really looks like.

    Remember when he wrote everything with upper case "A"?

  3. well!!!! That siad I hope that you two are in attendance at my event sat. to hear MY vision, and talking about my record of STRONG advocacy that Ive had for this city!!!