Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blood On Your Hands: SAFE ACT FAIL

Our valiant governor forced the SAFE Act through the legislature as a knee jerk reponse to the tragedy in Newton, CT.  Can't let a good tragedy go to waste, right Andy.  We all knew this bill was about making the guv noticed nationally for a possible presidential race in 2016.

Utica Observer-Dispatch - 4 Shot Dead

The law that was supposed to protect us from gun violence failed.  Many including myself have stated, this bill will do NOTHING to prevent anything.

Now I have no idea if the scumbags who did the shooting:
  1. Were mentally ill or not (SAFE Act Fail)
  2. Used a long gun (SAFE Act Fail)
  3. Used a hand gun (SAFE Act Fail) 
  4. Aquired the firearms legally (SAFE Act Fail) 
  5. Used a magazine that had the acceptable amount of bullets (SAFE Act Fail).

Fact is that depending on the investigative findings, it will be a huge story if can result in another emotional knee jerk restriction on guns or the media may acutally toss it aside.

But those who said this act was supposed to protect us, you have blood in your hands.

And so does Cuomo.
Cuomo:  Oops, my bad!

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