Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming Out Party!!!

I hate when someone is given accolades for shit they did not accomplish.  Worse, I hate someone is called a hero for not doing anything remarkable.

However, I love watching history unfold.  With technology, there are a million different ways to witness some cool shit.

So, what do I think about Jason Collins coming out?  Not much.

Gays have faced discrimination that most could not imagine.  There was a time when being gay was considered a mental disorder and many where either killed or sent to "mental" hospitals to be "treated".

In fact, a mere suspicion of homosexuality could get someone fired or sent to jail.  And whats crazy is that it was not that long ago.  I mean, I still remember Laramie, Wyoming; and that was in 1998:  Matthew Shepard

Jason Collins is being called "courageous" for revealing his sexuality, publicly  as a professional athlete.  Not exactly Jackie Robinson but since sports is the last sanctuary for heterosexuals males, I guess it's something.

But before JC decided to come out, many truly courageous people risked everything to be openly gay.  And quite frankly, I rather them get the historical accolades of heroism.

Here is a brief history lesson: Coming Out History

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