Sunday, November 3, 2013

Endorsement Time: Theresa Portelli

If you follow most the local media, Kathy Sheehan won.  Well, why would they do their job and cover the other candidates running for office?  Because it takes work and it is so much easier to cover the recent show on the Palace or if the local music scene is still hot.

But that's not how I roll.  I make it a point to follow all candidates and make an educated decision.

Theresa Portelli came unto the scene after the Board of Elections and the Libertarian party operatives tanked the candidacy of her son Alex Portelli.  He was seeking the libertarian line.

Theresa is a member of the Green party.  OK, so she is a big progressive.  But didn't you hear, Albany is all progressive now!  I don't know about all that, maybe Green!

Theresa's campaign has been running on a shoe string budget with lots of shoe leather.  She has not received $350,000 from special interests and contributions from supporters.  She has not been anointed by media as the Mother of Dragons.  She has not been charged with bringing magic back to Storybrook to defeat the Evil Queen.

She's a regular gal who really believes in progressive ideals.  Here is the Theresa Portelli For Mayor YouTube channel so you know EXACTLY what she stands for.

What a refreshing fucking idea, a mayoral candidate who is honest and open.

She ran once before for Albany City School Board.  In 1996 she received over 9,000 votes!  More than Kathy received in the primary.  Ms. Portelli claims she got over 11,000 votes.  Still more than Kathy.  So, I am going to average the numbers and say she got 10,000, which is still more than Kathy.

When asked why she ran, she said that she did so because her own children could not attend their community neighborhood schools, it was all lottery.  So she got involved, gave the city community neighborhood schools thus granting educational access for all!  Let me put it another way, she saw a problem, she had a solution, she ran for office, won, and implemented the solution.  THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.  But don't take it from me, hear it in her own words:

Ms. Portelli offers the new progressive Albany a record, a real record of accomplishments.  In an era where politicians offer sex scandals and self enrichment, she can point to a school building and say "your kid can go there because I made it possible".

Ms. Portelli also offers a modesty and sincerity that is lacking in most public servants.  After completing her term on the school board she left office and we the people never heard of her again.  You know how politicians like to stay in the spotlight?  She couldn't care less about it and went on to raise children, work, and pay taxes.

Ms. Portelli brings a degree of legitimacy to her progressive ideals that quite frankly I don't think Ms. Sheehan has.  Not that Ms. Sheehan is not a progressive but if one were to do a side by side comparison of the Ms. Portelli and Ms. Sheehan, Portelli's progressive resume and profile is more believable and sincere.

Ms. Portelli brings experience.  She worked as an educator and for the State Of New York.  She has managed multi-million dollar budgets and knows the value of public accountability.

Ms. Portelli also brings a level of honesty that quite frankly the other candidates do not have.  Not that they are liars but they have refused, either by choice or ignorance, to address what they will do about the fiscal mess in the city.  Hear it in her own words (at about 1:30 she mentions the "C" word):

YES!  She said cuts!

Kathy is counting that as long as she can evade the "C" word, she can waltz into office.  She of course will need to make tough decisions but she is not saying it.

Ms. Portelli, however, straight up said she will have to look at cuts.  Honest enough?

Ms. Portelli has the right balance of experience and vision to lead the city into this new progressive era.  I'm still against the wall when it comes to progressives but if I am going to vote for one, she better be real deal;  I'm voting Portelli.

The Other Candidates
Jesse Calhoun - Republican
If you listen to the debates, specifically the Hispanic Coalition of NY and WAMCs, it's hard to believe he is a republican.  Certainly a libertarian.

He is a preschool teacher and musician.  He was garnered a ton of support from the local artistic scene.  He clearly loves Albany and as he said at the HCNY debate, thinks Albany is afraid of being a city.  Right on!

He has also undertaken the issue of the APD using public housing as a training facility.  Libertarians would hate this but none has made it a key issue of their race.

Problem?  No idea what other experience leads him to think he can run a city of $170M.

Joe Sullivan -  Conservative
He has said that if he gets elected, we will get Gerry Jennings.  Ummmmmmm, I don't think so.

Too bad because aside from thinking that illegals are destroying Albany, he had some good responses on education for HS graduates.  He does remember a time where you didn't need a Phd to provide for a family and that's something this county is missing badly.  I will admit, he is right.

Marlon Anderson - Democrat Write-In
As with Calhoun, I have no idea what he has to offer professionally to run a city this size.  He also has a tendency to be inappropriate when speaking with people, specially of the opposite sex.

But when the brotha is right, damn it, the brotha is right!

At the debate when asked about political diversity, Anderson actually said that the Common Council is diverse, has plenty of people of color WHO DO NOT REPRESENT PEOPLE OF COLOR.  BOOYA!

That's some urban wisdom.  He should consider running for a smaller office and raise a bit of hell.  But his ego won't let him.

Valerie Faust - Democrat, Write-In
She ran 4 years ago as a write-in after she was screwed out of the democrat primary.  Think of a Corey Ellis, with brains, intelligence, maturity, and real relevant experience.  OK, for that matter don't think of Ellis.

Think of an urban progressive with a real pulse on the community and willing to engage ANYONE.  That's Ms. Faust.

However, she entered into this race a little too late to make a significant write-in push.  But she needs to stay in the picture because this city needs people like her.

"I think that everything I do tends to root for the underdog."
Judd Apatow


  1. My prediction:

    Sheehan 58%, Portelli 28%, Calhoun 11%, Sullivan 2%, write-ins 1%.

  2. I think your top two numbers will be closer. But only because the primary numbers were so bad.

    You really think the write-ins will pull 1%?