Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pimpin' Ain't Easy, Shelly

Mulberry Double S
Sheldon Silver is the speaker of the New York State Assembly.  A Ghettocrat who represents the Lower East Side of Manhattan including Chinatown.

In his reign of sexual terror as speaker he has been covering up for fellow democrats, a parade of rapes and sexual harassment in Albany.  He has been paying off victims of sexual harassment to shut-up and go away.


The latest was a $103,000 hush money payout to victims of Brooklyn Democratic Chair Vito Lopez aka Gropez.  Yes, another ghettocrat was sexually harrassing his female staffer and Pimp Shelly been covering up.

This is important because just recently, while state democrats like PAT FAHY, PHIL STECK, CECILIA TCA$$HICK (the T is silent) have been praising him and adoring him, the Legislative Ethics Commission has fined Gropez $300,000 for apparently being a sexual harrassing democrat.  Yes the party of women and women's rights, and abortion rights for women, and ERA, happen to be the biggest supporters, with tax payer dollars, of helping themselves to the opposite sex while progressive/liberals sit by adoring these jerkoffs.

Here is the story in the Daily News (Yes, the NY Post were always on top of it but I thought it would be cool to see NYC's liberal fish wrap do the story): Vito Lopez Faces $300,000 Fine
(look at that piece of man beefcake Gropez is)

The media has been somewhat quiet about this but the people have been paying attention because 51% of New Yorkers want Pimp Shelly to step down.  Only 22% believe he should stay.  The 22% all live on Avenue A and Mullberry St.

Here is the the TU piece on the Quinnipiac Poll:  Q Poll Respondents Say Silver Should Go

Shelly has turned Albany into his own personal whore house.

"Talkin' Pimp Talk"

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