Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Village E-diot Runs For Office

Guess who is running for office?  Our village e-diot!!!!!!!

Yes, Theresa Grafflin, aka Albany Citizen One, has gotten the support of the Independence Party to run against Richard Conti, the only member of the common council who is awake and aware of his surroundings.

This is America and she can run for anything.  I mean if Marlon and Corey can run, why not someone who also has no job and is looking for attention.  Don't we all deserve our place in the sun?

No one in this area has done more to ruin people's reputations with made up stories and rumors than TG.  She has been an operative for the democrat machine for a long time.

What I don't understand is why she is running against Conti?  Didn't he buy her enough drinks?  Didn't he kiss her ass enough?  Richard, WHAT HAVE YOU NOT DONE!!!???

So, if you have ANY stories of AC1 to share please send your comments to:  albanycommonsense@usa.com.  The comments will be anonymous and confidential, just like she likes it!

Why not?  She has blazed the trail for bullshit blogging and "journalism".  It's her turn to get a taste of her own medicine.

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