Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jennings Wants to be Remembered!

The guy is not out of office yet and his tan sprayers are looking to waste more money to memorialize him.

On the TU Local Politics Blog, my favorite, there is a post about Councilman Rosenweig wanting to change the name of the park portion of the Corning Preserve to Jenning's Landing.  What the hell?

Here is the post: Jennings Landing

The Roz is a long time tan sprayer.  Loves Jennings and is Gerry's councilman.  The guy always looks like is driving in a convertible.  I will give him a native american name.....Councilman "Wind Through His Hair".

Councilman "Wind Through His Hair" is such a shill that he too chose not to seek reelection in a gimme ward when the mayor also chose not to run again.  However, "Wind Through His Hair" is a school teacher and from what I hear a good one.  So props for teaching our children, no props for this proposal.

Jennings has been such a stagnant figure in the city that he will always be remembered for being a wannabe mafia dude, or a wannabe mayor of a big city, or a wannabe, political baller when he goes after his PILOT ducketts, or a wannabe caramel boy with his tangerine hue.

Besides, his name is everywhere.  From welcoming you into the city to the public housing development on Jennings Way to Jennings winning those two superbowls against the Patriots, Jennings has been on the forefront of taking credit for anything that happens in this city.

Here are some suggestions for other spots which can be used to memorialize Jennings:

1.  Mount Jennings (Landfill)
2.  Jennings Corner (Katina Thomas)
3.  Jennings Hydrant (Car crash)
4.  Rename the ER of Albany Memorial to Jennings Pavilion (McEneny Daughter)
5.  JenningsCitizenOne (Gerry's Blog)

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  1. One of the greatest Victorys of My life. More to come.