Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yawn, 1st Ward and SUNY Albany

The Common Council race in the city's first ward is shaping up to be the weirdest one this electoral cycle.

1.  Dorcey Applyrs, a non native of Albany (from DC) is pursuing a PhD at UA.  How do I know?  Her bio says so.  How else do I know?  MY UALBANY ALUMNI MAGAZINE KEEPS PROMOTING HER!

Yes the alumni fish wrap has done a number of stories including a gratuitous front cover piece promoting the only PhD student the school has.  If this is how they roll at UA, my contributions to the schools will stop.  OK, let me stop lying!!!

I have never seen a local school trip over themselves for a student of their as with this one.

Student Spotlight

But here's the real rub with her, Sheehan and the progressives have given their OK for her to run and they are backing her.  The same people who have expressed their hatred for charter schools and their desire to eradicate them.  Why is that important?  Mr. Applyrs is the principal for a local charter school.

You go reconcile that shit!

BTW, she is a hotty and a brain, so I can overlook a lot!!!!!!!

2.  Andres Rivera - a non native of Albany is the democratic party endorsed candidate.  He is from the Bronx and has not lived here long.  I have heard him speak and he apparently thinks the 1st Ward is the Bronx in 1979 and the Boppers are about to beat up on The Warriors.

Having lived in Brooklyn in those days, Rivera reminds me of every ghettocrat from the projects on Lewis ave.  It is old, it is played out, and I have known real Young Lords and you sir, are no Young Lord.

3.  Mannarino - What can I say, a machine fireman who got SCHOOLED by Calsolaro 4 years ago for the very same spot.  He too is old (as in antiquated) and played out.

There you have it, a conflicted progressive (but hot) darling given the nod, a fake ghetto revolutionary (who is also being supported by the village e-diot), and more of the same machine garbage.

Good Luck!

Yo, Andres, look, real Young Lords

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