Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"A Felon Did A Better Job"

 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  The village e-diot got bounced from the democratic ballot for common council ward 6!!!!

All the fireworks in China can't express the joy it brings me that Theresa Grafflin, self appointed public advocate, was not intelligent enough to collect 104 signatures.  In a ward that is 70% democrat (nearly 1900 dems) she collected 155 and 40% of them were invalid.  Here is another awesome job by TUs JCE:  Knocked Off

Oh wait, that smells fishy.  Hold on.  hmmmm.  Did she forge some of those signatures?

I asked one of my peeps about this and it is entirely possible.

See, the law only requires the signature, not the printed name.  So, she could have just as easily sat on her vodka coffee table, and just signed signatures and filled in addresses.

Yeap, sounds like a possibility to me.

Mathematically, how can she be so far off?  I mean even if she just goes door to door without a list the probability she can get 40% wrong when only 30% of the voters ineligible to sign is strange.

She is lazy, so not likely she used a list to properly vet voters.

Yo, Soares, my brotha, you may have something here.  And don't worry, she is not an Occupier so you can investigate and prosecute.  Chop, chop, get to it.

Got to see a tweet sent by Nlebron quoting his bro ALebron  "a felon did a better job at collecting signatures than her"


AlbanyCitizenNotAsGoodAsAFelon is done!

Felons are great at two things:  Collecting signatures and making license plates.
One day, Theresa will learn the latter.

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