Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Liberals Should Be Pro Life

I love talking with people.  And I can talk about anything.  Pick a topic and I'm on it.

I drove by the protesters in Albany Friday night and had my phone ready to record some police beatings.  There was an 11 pm curfew that the protesters violated and the mayor didn't enforce.  Not a big deal, just looking for some dramatic content for my blog.  Unfortunately, the protesters were not black, College of St Rose basketball players making a bunch of drunk off-duty cops jealous by getting all the white girls to sweat the brotha's swag.  Just sayin'!

I did get to see some signs.  "Fuck the Rich", "End Money", and something about Ending the Greed with Peace.  Since I was sitting in new looking Honda accord I was afraid they my beat my ass if I were to get out to talk with them.  So I had my conversation with their signs.

What do they do for money?   How are they getting clothes and supplies?  At least without some large corporation manufacturing it.

Likely, they are on some government handout; public assistance, unemployment, food stamps, grants.  Very expensive for those of us who work to pay for those taxes.  But with more and more people needing help, we need more tax payers and thus why liberals should be pro life.

Every year we are allowing 3,000,000 potential taxpayers die without paying their fair share of taxes.  That's $150 Billion in income disappearing (average income of $50K/person/year).  With a real tax rate of 15% (average actual rate everyone pays) that's $22.5 Billion is taxes for vegan bums who don't want to work but protest.

I know they won't be which is why being a liberal is so stupid.

Don't worry, conservatives are next.

For County Executive

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