Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brendan Must Be Bored

I have to bitch about Lyons on this blog since my comments, while all brilliant and on point, have been deleted.
Brendan Lyons has been on this small time jihad of the Halfmoon race for supervisor.  He has exposed over spending (duh), over pay for benefits (duh), and pay to play (duh).  Please give this guy a big round of applause for doing his freaking job. 

I find this recent concern with government bullshit strange as he has been quiet about Colonie, Albany, Guilderland, and any of the counties of the capital region.  These governments would make Halfmoon look like a drop in the bucket.  So what his beef with Halfmoon?  Republicans running it?  


In 2009 I attended one of the police hearings involving the ghost tickets.  You remember, the bulls eye decals which were given in secrecy to certain individuals in city hall by the police union so they can avoid traffic tickets.  It was standing room only, and as I was fashionably late, like always.

During one of the hearing breaks, I saw Corey Ellis and yes, Brendan Lyons, whispering to each other.  Interesting since Brendan did not talk with anyone else.  I was late though.  I thought it was strange.   The hearings resumed after the chatter.

So, it was obvious this scandal was brought into light just to help Council clown Ellitist run for office.  And yes Brendan was all over it.  Remember, this was going on since 1992 and only when the “right” empty suit clown was going to run for office did this scandal come to light. 

We know what happened, the police chief, the Tuffoon was quietly let go, the machine blogger (who was campaigning hard on her blog for Ellitist) did her job of spying for the Mayor, and yes COREY ELLIS HIMSELF HAD 19 GHOST TICKETS!

What’s the lesson: Politicians are not the only ones who have to appear to be ethical.

All self-serving bullshit aside, Brendan does have a fucking good talent for sniffing this shit out.  I wish he would do more of it, with every form of government, and against both parties.  Not this under-developed country press crap of picking on the small time corruption and intentionally looking the other way on the big stuff.

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