Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Six More Days, to the end of the GOP

I saw a mailer for a candidate running for Albany legislature.  Typical stuff:

  • Dems suck because of tax hike (true)
  • Dems suck because they don't do shit (true for most)
  • Dems suck because they just do (true for most)
What was funny was the image of the voting ballot.  See, politicians have to do this because we are so stupid, we need a 1st grade coloring book to tell us how to vote.

It showed the GOP and an arrow going straight down to the candidates name, skipping over all countywide seats.   That's because they don't have any.  Sad.

The idiots who thought it was a good idea to give up those races may have killed our chances of ever getting a choice.  I know, Colonie has republicans, fucking please.  No one over there wants to bring back the Grand Ole Pavers; they used to pave people's driveways at town expense.  Yes Sheehan was in the last  GOP administration and Smurfette lied about the one time tax.  Yes, the only thing they have going are the two landfills.  But at least they have a choice.

The GOP is done.  They are the newest third party.

WRITE-IN LEBRON for County Executive   

Doesn't this elephant look like the Albany County GOP chair?  Dunce Cleary is at the 1:10 minute mark chilling with the nurse and some poor bastard that Gellybrains is going to massacre next year.

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