Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 More Days and the Leader of the SmartAss Movement Dies

I will need my own landfill to get rid of all the shit I've been getting.  Mostly for supreme court judge.

As you know, we are electing two people for supreme court judge and yes, the Gran Ole Punters fucked this one up too.

They had a candidate, Judge Nichols, who was already a supreme court judge announce he was running.  Then Dunce Cleary, yes the same fucking one, said nah, I want to make money off another guy so it is going to be Roemer.   Judge Nichols is from Columbia county and you know how that goes for city slickers, ain't no hillbillies stepping this way.  Mind you, Nichols raised a bunch of money but since none of Dunce's peeps were going to get any....

Long story short, they dissed A SITTING SUPREME COURT JUDGE for a guy with a super resume but no judging experience.  Ahhh the mountain top has been reached:The Mountain Top

I will be writing in Judge Nichols.

Rooney died this morning.  He was the king of smartass common sense.  Loved him and will miss him.  So in his honor, here is my impression of Andy Rooney:

"Isn't it like the GOP to screw up races?  They complain when they don't win and when they win they try to lose.  Kinda like getting fan mail, I get a lot of it, but don't always care much for it."

Write-In Nathan Lebron
For County Executive
I am!

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