Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Told You So"

The GOP got served again!  Lost every race except for the nurse and guilderland highway superintendent. 

I was following the tweets on the TU and JCE tweeted a statement made by Dunce Cleary where he considered winning Colonie a huge comeback for the GOP.  Dunce, you fucking lost!

Oh and Guilderland lost all the races except for highwayman.  Nelligan, where are you? 

The strategy was to have no one at the top of the ticket so the democrats stay home and they can win the supreme court races.  They lost those too. In fact they lost everything, except for the nurse.

Busch won in the Hilltowns.  So the GOP has 10 county seats, but remember that 5 of them ran unopposed.  I know no one is going to claim that shit as victory.

I emailed Lebron and he replied back at 3 am with "I told you so" along with a link to an interesting Buffalo News article. The "Strategy"

Out in Western NY, the county executive of Erie County, Chris Collins, LOST.  Why is this important?  Why do I care?  Am I becoming BuffaloCommonSense?  The Dunce strategy was also used out there.

" the GOP never sponsored candidates in Buffalo in what critics called an effort to suppress the city's Democratic vote" 

That's right, they tried it out there and it failed.  Cannot make this up!

Oh well, keep sleeping and letting the state go into a one party system.

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