Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day!! Write-In Nathan Lebron

It is finally here!

All the dissing and brilliant satire has led us to another day to elect officials for county races and local town races.

I will be writing in my boy Lebron for County executive and Noelle Kinsch for legislature.  This bullshit with the GOP laying down and Scavo still on the ballot is about all I can take.  So please, do not forget to go out and vote!!!!

Endorsements?  I know you want it!

County wide
County Executive - Write In Lebron.  This brotha had balls to fight his own party.
All others - Do not vote CONservative.  I want the chu-chu man out of the legislature.

1-39 - Do not vote for anyone who took the CONservative line.  We do not want Richard Stack running things in the legislature.

For the 24 unchallenged offices, use the power of the write-in vote.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Pedro
  • Turd Sandwich
  • Giant Douche
  • Ham Sandwich
  • Jimmy McMillan
It is your right so vote.  Not our fault THEY turned it into a joke of a ballot.

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