Thursday, November 3, 2011

5 Days - The Hilltowns

Has anyone heard anything from the Hilltowns?

Has anyone heard the rebel dinner horn from Berne, Knox, Westerlo, and Rensselaerville?

Has anyone heard of the nurse?

I am only talking about this race because I saw her lawnsigns in Albany, yes, Albany.  Why?  Maybe to see her own name on her way to work.

I hate seeing lawnsigns outside of candidate's districts.  Susan Savage had a sign by the state campus last year while she was selling her bullshit Schenectady miracle.  It had her face on it and that was more disturbing.

On the serious, Alex "Sandy" Gordon is running for his 5th (maybe 6th) term.  I can't tell you one thing he has done for anyone.  I can't tell you one thing he has done as legislator.  He is another useless legislator.

Debbie, who I supported in the past, quickly went from Tea Party Queen to party boss hack.  Another shinning example of Richard Stack (who endorsed a pro gay marriage candidate, McPloy) and Dunce Clearey.  Another get along party lackie who will inturn be another useless legislator.  Why?  Because she will be the minority in an already useless legislature?  Yes.  Why else?  Character, people, character!

We know she was one of the people who helped keep Lebron off the ballot this past summer.  So I ask, HOW IS SHE DIFFERENT?  HOW IS SHE BETTER?  HOW IS SHE CHANGE?  SHE IS NOT!

If you haven't figured it out, I like Lebron.  I wish there were more like him.  Smart brother who stood up to his own party to give us a choice.  And he was crushed by his own party.  It was a great summer indeed!  But for us looking for a real ballot it was not.

So, if you get your water from a well or beaver dam, think Warner Lake is Lake Tahoe, or simply enjoy some freaking peace and quiet, stay home.  Gordon will continue to be useless and Debbie will be no better.  And with Stack and Dunce pulling the strings even worse.  She lost that independent streak I love in candidates.  She is just another them!

Write-In Lebron for County Executive, I am!

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