Friday, November 4, 2011

4 More Days - CONservative - Sullivan

I love Richard Stack.  How can someone not love a party boss who gives the CONservative line to pro gay marriage candidates like McPloy.  This dirtbag, hypocritical liar who never made a "Dump Jennings" sign when he was expanding the landfill but does for Smurfette Mahan, is an institution in local corrupt politics.

Joe Sullivan is running against Domalewicz for county ledge.  Sullivan ran for mayor as a republican, congress as a republican and CONservative and was even the head of the city GOP.  But before that, this jokester was a democrat, a machine democrat.  An obvious plot by the machine to take over a line for political power since the progressives were growing in numbers.

So why doesn't he have the rep line this time?  Cause he is a CONservative machine loyalist.

Ah, memories, here is an article of Joey running as a democrat, (yes, democrat) back in 1993:  Whoa!

Sullivan is and has been part of the problem and will never be the solution.  He is a disaster by any measure.

But just like a good little "liberal", he used to ride his bicycle around the last he ran for mayor.  I know you thought Konev the Barbarian introduced the city to Shanghai commuting but Sullivan was there first.

Doma is no better.  But if I am going to have a do nothing legislator in a do nothing county body, I rather a do nothing incumbent than another machine cog.

Write-In Nathan Lebron
For County Executive
I am!

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