Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The McCoy-Scavo Plan: Fee for Service for Fire

What do you get when you cross an R2D2 looking pudgy bastard with no college education who is a union lackie and incapable of passing fire exams and a rusted C3PO looking creepazoid who stalks women (alledgedly), and tries to pick up underage chicks (allegedgly) and forges documents (allegedly) in a Delaware Ave. laundrymat?

Fee for Service Fire!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Legisloser Scavo wants to get rid of volunteer fire service in the Hill towns so the Albany Fire Department can charge for it. Yes, McCoy wants to charge the Rebel towns to put out their own fires. Big union move!!!

The Medusa Firehouse will now have to trade in their chuck wagon with water barrels and the dinner horn for a city slickin' firetruck. R2D2 and C3PO are freaking scary, and I don't live in the Hill towns.

Lebron is still running and the establishment GOP is not liking it. BUT...dems are responding to him.

Not to sound like Princess Lea in Star Wars but brother, You are our only hope!

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