Sunday, April 3, 2011

Somos El Futuro - Nathan Lebron, My Man Crush

So, I went against my own better judgement, to three events at Somos. Normally, it makes me want to kill myself when I hear so called legislators complain about everything in order to empower people. But, the women are hot and so I went.

Got in late to a special 40 under 40 celebration where my boy Nathan Lebron was to speak. How did I know he was going to speak, cause I heard he was. The program mentioned nothing about him speaking. I suppose because he was a republican....

For those who have never gone to Somos, republicans and dogs need not show up.

The room at the Crowne was packed. I got my sweets (the dessert table was nice!!!!) and there he was, about to speak.

He was the fu%*&*( MAN!!!!!

People clapped, people cheered a republican. Makes me wanna register as one. The media of course was not there and I didn't see cameras recording the thing. But I did see a woman up front with a camera. And she did record the whole thing!!!!!

Here it is.

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