Monday, August 1, 2011

Richard Stack is Gay!!!!!!

Richard Stack is the head of the Albany County CONservative Party. Please place emphasis on the letters CON.

We all know the CONservative mantra of no abortion, no spending, no taxes, and no homosexuals. That's right, CONservtive Party hates homosexuals.

My friend sent me this picture of Rocks, a homosexual club on Central Ave. in Albany. She was hanging out at Waterworks, the other homosexual club across the street from Rocks. She tells me that McPloy, the CONSERVATIVE candidate for County Executive had an event there a few weeks ago. Yes, Richard Stack (a democratic machine hack) endorsed McPloy, a warrior of the homosexual movement.

Richard Stack also was behind keeping Lebron off the ballot. He and the candidates he endorsed (like nurse Busch and Joe Sullivan) all worked together to block the only republican running for any countywide office. Lets not forget the county GOP who also helped Richard Stack and McPloy keep competition off the ballot.

So Richard Stack is gay for a number of reasons:

  • Gay that he managed to get McPloy endorsed by the homosexuals in Albany

  • Gay that he brought together all his endorsed candidates to help keep Lebron of the ballot

  • Gay that he succeeded in giving us no choice

  • Gay that his candidates are also champions of the homosexual movement

Richard Stack is very gay these days!


  1. Richie is a hypocrite but gay? How do you know?

  2. I meant gay as in happy not as in homosexual.

    I know, I know, it's brilliant.

    I don't care about sexual orientation. But it is time someone held these hypos accountable.

  3. This blog is so fucking sexy. Almost as sexy as your dumb comments on the TU.