Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I Hate the Albany CONservative Party: RFK Is Coming

In 2009 I started my online activism when Lebron entered the scene. He decided to run for mayor of the city as a republican. Dems outnumber reps 10-1 in this city and if this brother can stand up and do the impossible, shit, I can bullshit on blogs on my spare time. He lost but left a powerful impression on me.

Then the Albany County GOP conspired with the Albany County CONservative Party to keep the brotha from running against McPloy, the CON endorsed candidate. They succeeded, MFs. Remember, this also meant The Guilderland GOP, Colonie GOP, Albany City GOP, and Hilltowns GOP were more than happy to join the conspiracy.

When I came to Albany in the early 80's the Stack name was very well known. Democrat machine hacks who did ANYTHING to get machine dems elected. And I mean anything. Even rigging voting machines to steal elections from other dems. That's fucking Wurd!

When Richard Stack became the head of the county CONservative party, I knew what was to come. Another party line for machine hacks; and they delivered every year, more endorsements to more machine wannabees.

Back to 2009, I posted the following endorsements on DIA's blog:

I should note that DIA was a huge supporter of Corey Ellitist, the second dumbest guy to run for office. Dan McPloy took that title.
Check it so that my consistency is never questioned.

The party is a corruption of conservative values. Now, I have conservative leanings on some issues, liberal on others but mostly middle of the ground. But I do not like CON jobs (and I don't mean being employed by the port of Albany as a chu-chu man).

Conservatives are fine with me. I don't have a problem with different ideas, but I have a huge fucking problem with CONservatives.

That's why I am so freaking happy to discover there is an effort to campaign against this bullshit patronage party. The RFK club to the rescue!

Check this shit out (Question #6): RFK BOYEEE!!!


I am going to keep track of the BS candidates who accept the CON endorsement too in Albany county.

“People say I am ruthless. I am not ruthless. And if I find the man who is calling me ruthless, I shall destroy him."

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