Friday, December 2, 2011

We Can Live Forever, Get Rid Of The Coroner

Blonde Moment!

Debbie Busch decided to show up to a county hearing on the tax cap override.  Instead of being a good listener she decided to speak and guess what, she stuck her scrubs in her mouth.

She suggested getting rid of a 2 million dollar coroners office and replace it with a medical examiner office.  Problem:  the coroners office has a budget of less than 600,000 dollarz.  In fact, the coroners office has never received a budget of over $700,000.  Here is the Coroner Narrative. Ooops!

But I decided to look at it myself since Carol Demare, who did the story, wrote that the nurse was from Knox when in fact she is from Berne.  Carol, PAY ATTENTION!  After all, the county IS your freaking assignment.

So, here is the TU Blog Post:  Busch Blunder
Here is the budget:  Coroner Budget

We are truly blessed in this county.  We get rid of one useless legislator and replace him with the protege of Dunce Clarey and Richard Stack.  Where did she get 2 Million from?  Probably from her mentors, the county minority republicans.

Did the machine blogger point out this discrepancy?  Hell no.  She has someone else to hit up for cash.

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