Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Primary Day! And Other Ways To Waste Time

Today is primary day and if you didn't know, don't feel bad, it's a shitty election cycle.  The GOP has offered no county wide candidates and the Dems are poised for walking into office again. 
For me it's just another day.  I don't belong to any party so I can't vote.  I will go to work, browse the internet for jobs I rather be doing, and may be do some actual work.


In the 39 th legislative district there is a primary you should care about.  The nurse Deb Busch is being primaried on the Independence line by some person.  Since it is an opportunity to ballot, it is a write-in.  Deb, who I supported in 2009 for Coroner (because she was qualified) and in 2010 for assembly (because she was qualified to exume that cadaver McNada out), is now a qualified member of the crap we truly independent minded voters hate, party bosses.  She was a co-conspirator with the GOP chairman Cleary to keep Lebron out of the ballot for county executive.

She has the GOP line, the new pro gay rights CONservative line of Richard "Chu Chu Man" Stack and is trying for the indi line to unseat Alex Gordon.  Who is Alex Gordon?

A 5 term incumbent with no record of accomplishments.  A farmer with views as liberal as an organic produce commune in Vermont.  Another useless example of big government waste that the dems count on and the GOP now wants, and no one will fight against.  He is not a disaster as he has no power to do a damn thing.

BUT...... he did not conspire with party bosses.

So here are some of my endorsements:

39th Leg District, Alex Gordon - Write his name in and take that stupid indi line from someone who surrendered her values for party boss "support".  What a waste.

2nd Leg District, Merton Simposon - Welfaregham is the definition of a disaster and there is no FEMA funds to make us whole from her.

3rd Leg District, flip a damn coin - Useless Maffia versus an ex con in trouble again.  Coleman at least is, well, the same color as most of the people in his district and you know how dems like "looking like America". 

6th Leg District, Kinsch - Janis is still on the ballot and looks nice in a tight skirt.  But she left the district.  Noelle is our only hope against creepazoid Scavo.

City Court Judge - Helena - Why?  on looks alone.  She looks like Maya Rudolph.  To be honest, the job shouldn't even exist.  But Jennings created it so he appears to be racially "down" with the people.  Yes, Brooks will make a better judge but I rather her run for a real office instead of this bullshit post.

CON line 6th District, Jose Lopez - Yes, the Alligator man is primaring creepazoid Scavo on this line.  I want him to win.  He is a little off and totally unqualified, a perfect city democrat for the job.

Here are the other races.  If you have a few minutes to sit in an bathroom stall, check it out.

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