Monday, September 26, 2011

The GOP Has Arrived At The Mountain Top: Judge Nichols

MLK was a Republican.

Gotta admit I've been pretty harsh on the Albany County GOP for the way they treated Lebron in his race for Albany County Executive.  Dunce Cleary, the GOP chairman, sabbotaged the efforts of a guy with a Master degree from Harvard and tons of private sector experience to challenge democrat Dan McPloy, a high school grad with no experience to run a county the size of Albany.

Barring logic and some fucking common sense I thought it was racism.  He is hispanic and we know how the GOP is always blamed for being racist assholes.  Being from Brooklyn I have seen more racism from democrats in da hood but lets not let truth and facts get in the way of a good BS story.

He is also disabled and getting the town GOP committees of Guilderland, Colonie, and Albany to do shit for him made it 1000 times harder for him to get on the ballot.  Remember when the GOP was all over the Americans with Disabilites Act?  Not no more!

Here comes Judge Jonathan Nichols. 

According to a TU story , Dunce Cleary has struck again.

Judge Nichols, a Columbia County Judge, was dissed by Dunce Cleary because he does not have money and he is not a girl.  That's right.  The two GOP candidates for supreme court were so picked because one could fund his own campaign (code for the county wanted to make money off another candidate) and the other is a chick.

Qualifications?  We don't need to freakin' qualifications!  (Ok, the two GOP candidates have good resumes and good experience.  But they are not as strong Nichols.)

Directly from the Albany County democrat book, they intentionally overlooked the only candidate who is A FUCKING SUPREME COURT JUDGE RIGHT NOW!  That's right, they gave the incumbent a pass because "If you want to put a winning group together, you don't go with the smaller counties".  That awesome quote was from Neil Kelleher, former Ren County GOP chair.

So I apologize for accusing the GOP for being racist.  They gave a well qualified supreme court candidate the same treatment they gave Lebron.  Equality at last!

At least corruption and palm greasing knows no color!!!

When you look at the content of the character of the ones pulling the strings, there is a huge fucking vacuum.

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