Tuesday, April 1, 2014


You thought I was gone.  You thought the last election put me in my place.  You thought I would cower and hide.  You thought wrong!

Well I am back.  Took a good break from current events in my little city to chill, work, spend time with the girlie .....do me.  But, unfortunately I gotta comeback and catch up.

So what's been going on?


Kathy Sheehan won.  And so far it has been OK.

The snow removal has been acceptable.  My hood on Maple, Woodlawn just got rid of its snow and ice, thanks to Mama nature, but I was able to get to work.  Hondas, by the way, SUCK in snow.

Remember that brilliant piece I wrote about the financial sausage and how it was going to be made?  (Sausage Piece) Well she decided to let the state make it so she doesn't get blamed for the anti progressive decisions that will be coming down.  Like I said, she ain't no dummy.

Lebron!!!!  He's back!!!! 
Looks like he is running for governor of NY as a Libertarian (yes, I had to look up the spelling cause I spell it Liberterian).  Why Libertarian?  Weird.  Oh I know, THE GOP IS A PIECE OF GARBAGE.

After tanking his race for county executive in 2011, Chris Collins race in 2011 (Erie County Executive), not backing another latino running for office in Buffalo, hiring former Cuomo campaign staffers to run the state party,  campaigning against Paladino and Lazio, selling their NYC spot to a democrat for a couple of 100Ks, conspiring with democrats in Rockland county to kill GOP candidates, organizing to kill Tea Partiers, and allowing people who campaigned for Obama to run local committees, I can't imagine why he hasn't stuck around.

You all know I love this cat.  If you meet him, you will like him.  But I don't see a winning formula here.  Unless, he is there to just get the 50,000 votes necessary for the Libers to become a real party.  in that case, it sounds good to me and yes, he has a friend on this blog.

Here is the TU piece on his announcement:  Lebron Wants the Guvs Job
Here is the closest I have found on Nate for a campaign site:  Lebron For Governor

The press release pretty says what we all know the two parties are about.  Strong.

2nd Ammendment Rally:  Today there will be a second amendment rally at the Empire State Plaza.  Here is some info:  UNSAFE ACT Rally

Now we know the SAFE Act was just that, act by Cuomo to look good.  And I am down with anything that makes this priveledged creep look bad, as long as it is true.

I don't have a gun, but leave me alone if I want to get one.

One controversy with this event has been some candidates are planning to show up and hand out campaign flyers.  OK, free speech and all that.  Some of the oraganizers have been bitching that it is not a political event.  OK, SO WHY THE FUCK ARE ASTORINO AND PALADINO SPEAKING AT THE EVENT?  They are both running for governor, Astorino is the Vichy GOP candidate and Paladino the Conservative Party candidate.  (I know "Vichy GOP" is good brilliant shit but I stole it).

Other than that, I hope it goes well.

 “When you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time - a tremendous whack.”
Winston Churchill

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