Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Latinos Are Coming, The Latinos Are Coming!!!

Sorry for being late on this one but I have had pneumonia.  Sick like a dawg.  And I am one big ass baby when I get sick.  Good thing my girl likes big ass babies!

10 days ago the Hispanic Coalition of New York and a local chapter of LULAC sponsored a debate for mayor of Albany.  All the candidates were invited, and they actually advertised on TV!  Even Conservative Joe Sullivan who thinks Mexicans are destroying Albany was there!

TV Spot

Moderator and Panel

All Candidates

Word on the street is the event was a fucking hit!  It was professional, fair, non partisan.  Even the write in candidates Marlon Anderson and Valerie Faust were invited.  As you can see, the city now has new faces of community leadership, not the usual party hacks.

I got to hear the audio and I gotta tell you, i have never heard anything so well done.  Props to The People's Media.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Big Ass props to my latino brothers and sisters for showing that people of color can put something truly professional together.

Four years ago the League of Some Women Voters and CANA reneged on doing one for the general election because there was a hispanic republican running, Nathan Lebron.

This time around the same groups are refusing to do one because there is a republican running, Jesse Calhoun.

Last year these very imbeciles refused to have a forum for a state senate race where a Latina was running, Monica Miranda, a democrat.  (see a pattern)

So, Miranda is the president of the HCNY and Lebron is the Chairman.  And instead of being partisan, vengeful, and petty, they were open and fair.

If this is what the new latino increase in the area is going to bring, then please, SI MAS SI MAS!
If you remember the Roberto Duran fight from back in the day, you know that's some funny shit!

Props to the Latinos!!!!

"A couple of years after I arrived in Hollywood, everything that was Latino was fashionable, and years after, my thought is that we're not fashionable anymore. We're here to stay."
Antonio Banderas