Monday, April 23, 2012

State Liquored Authority : Drinking and Driving is Wrong!

It is hard to piss me off.  I have developed such a high tolerance for BS that my personal threshold for anger is pretty strong.  HOWEVER, driving drunk and getting away with it is one quick way to get me going.  Well, committing any crime and getting away with it pretty much does it for me.

I received info that a deputy commossioner for the State Liquor Authority was arrested for drinking and driving in Albany a couple of weeks ago.  Now, I've been looking at looking for his name and have not seen it.  The perp allegedly broke a .18 blood alcohol content.  The state limit is .08 so for you math geniouses who did poorly on decimals, .18 is more than double of .08.

According to their website, there are only two deputy comms based out of their Albany office,
Joshua Carr, DC for Internal Audit and Special Projects and Kerri O'Brien DC for licensing.

Now we need to know what the State Liquored Authority is going to do about it.  This agency has a long history of being a good hiding place for political hacks and appointees.

More to come when I get a name...

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