Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy, But Never Too Busy For Sullivan

The company I work for had taken a bunch of us to Hartford, CT to do some work.  The good thing is that downtown Hartford is nice and has a lot of places to chill after work.  The bad, the rest of Hartford looks like a crime scene.  But a kid from Brooklyn ain't sweating it.

Back here in Albany it was petition period time.  Not a lot of interesting stories other than eveyone got enough signatures to get on their ballots, cool!.  Even that creep Scavo, not cool!.  More with him in the future.

Lebron tried to do an OTB republican petition to get anyone to appear on the ballot for the senatorial district currently held by Breslin.  As I suspected, he once again didn't make it and the Albany County GOP successfully, once again, threw another race.

Then I saw that Danz stuck it to Joe Sullivan.  Yes, Joe Sullivan, the machine democrat who has done everything possible for them to win.  The guy is like 90 years old and probably remembers when the democratic machine took over the city of Albany back in the 20s.  He probably voted in that election.

So, I went to his blog and guess what, Lebron stuck it to Sullivan!!!!!  I love it!!!!!!

Sullivan is an old guy Richard Stack uses to kill candidates.  Nothing new here.  Sullivan was a republican chairman, "ran" against Gerry all the while he would pop up at democratic committee meetings to chill with his peeps.  All true.  While Joey was a "republican"  he would attend democratic party meetings to help out.  Any democratic leaders in the 90's can confirm this. 

I remember back in 1993 when he ran for alderman as a democrat and was a huge Joyce and Jennings backer.  I know they ran against each other but while he was publicly backing one, he secretly kissed the butt of the other.  You figure out which is which.

Lebron (who is a notary public) collected signatures on the CON line to help that party elect anyone else but Sullivan.  Ah revenge is a can of Vanilla flavored Ensure best served cold.

But in Sullivan's typical racist ways, conveniently did not name the others who also collected.  Why?  They are white.  Please give me another reason.  I am all ears!!!! (I do have Will Smith ears).

Here is Sullivan's blog: Sullivan's Post

As I undertand OTB (Opportunity To Ballot) is nothing more than a write-in spot.  It does not endorse anyone.  But Sullivan, who doesn't undertand democracy (I know, sounds redundant, I already said he was a machine democrat), thinks this was a conspiracy against him.  It is not.  It is a prospiracy against him!!!

So my boy sticks it again to the machine.  Ballz!!!!!!

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