Friday, September 14, 2012

HA HA HA! AlbanyCitizenSkank and the Indys!

What a wonderful morning!!!!

All of the endorsements of AlbanyCitizenSSN Lost!  All but one, McDonald.  BUT......You didn't think a democrat hag from Texas was going to endorse a sista, right?  So that's a non endorsement.

Breslin killed Morse and Soares taught Kindlon a lesson.  Since there are no GOP candidates for the these races then Beslin and Soares have been relected.

But the biggest story was the Indy primary, Republican Ted Danz and Jenni Whalen easily beat the "progressive" democrats Fahy and Steck.  That's the real story that I am sure the TU will gloss over.

Also, Sullivan, I am sure with some "help" from democrat machine hack Richard Stack, took the Conservative line from Ted Danz.  I would recount those ballots like no ones business.  Again, we are talking about Stack and only god knows what crap went on behind the scenes to pull this off.

On a minor note, in the Hilltowns, Debbie Busch's son lost an attempt to take over the GOP in Berne.  Believe me, this is second hand info as I have no idea what is going on up there.  Apparently the nurse tried to get her son to primary two long time committee people so they can rig races for Debbie.  Well, his ass lost too.

I love thursday primaries!!!!

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